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2007 ANNUAL BANQUET - December 5, 2007

Bernice and Joseph Koplin - Co-Chairpersons

Witmer Stone Award - Louis Bevier

Julian Potter Award - George Armistead

Speaker - Don Kroodsma

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President Chris Walters hosted our Annual Banquet at the Sheet Metal Workers’ Hall on Delaware Avenue, where he greeted 95 members and guests

The Witmer Stone Award was awarded to Louis Bevier, based on his co-authorship of the first published paper to challenge the identity of a photographed woodpecker, believed to be an Ivory-billed. The award was accepted on his behalf by George Armistead.

The Julian K. Potter Award went to Field Guides leader George Armistead for his many accomplishments, including his work on three Ornithological Records Committees. It must be noted that in 1981 his father, Henry T. Armistead, won this award.

The Conservation Award will be awarded at a later date.

Our keynote speaker was Don Kroodsma, Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts, who is an authority on bird song, and author of the book, “The Singing Life of Birds”.