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125th Anniversary Gala
Saturday October 10, 2015
DVOC Members and Non-Members – Everyone Welcome – Bring Guests!!
Held at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA
Anita Guris - Chairperson

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Speakers - Pat and Clay Sutton

The deadline for ticket sales has passed. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Anita Guris, Chairperson, (215-234-8557).
This event replaces our normal annual banquet usually held in November.
Our speakers Pat and Clay Sutton will be presenting a program in tandem on the history and changes to the DVOC over the years.
Please try to arrive at 6:30PM as the cocktail hour is really only 45 minutes. The bar will remain open throughout the dinner until 8:30PM. So be sure to bring cash, for the cash only bar. We will have good craft brews available as well as wines that we have selected specifically for our gala.
Commorative wine glasses will be available for only $10 each.
Remember to use the Main Entrance off of Ben Franklin Parkway the night of the Gala. We are in the Dinosaur Hall and there is an elevator available for anyone to use that needs it. There will be a committee member in the lobby to greet you.

We need to leave the premises at 10:30PM sharp. Any lingering will cost the club extra money

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Tickets are $49 per person

The deadline for ticket sales has passed. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Anita Guris, Chairperson, (215-234-8557).

Purchase your tickets here and now!

Quantity of Tickets

If you wish to pay via mail/check please send your payment to

125th Gala
c/o Anita Guris
1604 Woodland Road
Green Lane PA 18054
Or you can call Anita at 215-234-8557 between 11AM - 6PM M-F only and give her your credit card information.

Patricia and Clay Sutton are our speakers for the evening.
We'll be entertained by the authors, telling tales of DVOC history, changes, past and present.

We are having a Buffet Menu so no need to choose - have one of each if you like!

Here are the tantalizing menu items:
A Selection of Domestic Cheeses and Vegetable Crudite with assorted crackers, flatbreads and dips
Cash Bar - Cash only, no credit cards accepted
Salad - ROMAINE CAESAR SALAD - with roasted red peppers, pumpernickel croutons and shaved Reggiano and a homemade classic caesar dressing.
Entree One - OVEN ROASTED BEEF BRISKET - classic brisket cooked with onions, carrots and potatoes & slow roasted with fresh herbs/
Entree Two - LEMON BASIL CHICKEN - marinated chicken served in a pan sauce with fresh lemon, lemon zest, homemade chicken stock & fresh basil
Entree Three - POLENTA LASAGNA - homemade polenta layered with grilled seasonal vegetables, creamy goat cheese and fresh herbs, served with a rustic rosemary pomodoro sauce and a balsamic drizzle
Side Dish One - Haricot verts with caramelized shallots
Side Dish Two - Jasmine rice with grilled scallions
Sweet Table, Brewed Coffee, Decaf, and Assorted Fine Tea
Special 125th Anniversary Cake by Queen Bee Pastry

TICKETS $49 per person, invite your family and friends to spend the evening celebrating DVOC's rich history and enjoy the ambiance of Drexel University's Academy of Natural Science's Dinosaur Hall and Auditorium.
Thank you again for making DVOC the greatest and longest continually operational bird club in the nation!


The Witmer Stone Award, the Julian K. Potter Award and the Rosalie Edge Conservation Award are presented at the gala.

Past Annual Banquet Speakers

2014 Katrina van Grouw A Very Fine Swan Indeed: Art, Science and ‘The Unfeathered Bird’
2013 Bill Thompson III The Perils and Pitfalls of Birding
2012 Stephen W. Kress Restoring Endangered Seabirds: Lessons from Pubbins and Terns
2011 Kevin Karlson and Dale Rosselet "The Birds of Cape May"
2010 Scott Weidensaul "Messing Around with Birds (for Fun and Science)”
2009 Rick Wright "The Most Beautiful of the Whole Beautiful Lot: Wood Warblers of the American Southwest"
2008 Pat and Clay Sutton "Birds and Birding at Cape May (a Bird Walk Through Time)"
2007 Don Kroodsma "The Singing Life of Birds"
2006 Pete Dunne "25 Things That Have Changed Birding"
2005 Michael Male and Judy Feith "Bitter Lake NWR"
2004 Dr. Carl Safina "Eye of the Albatross: Visions of Hope & Survival"
2003 Kenn Kaufmann "Birds and the Undiscovered World"
Scott Weidensaul
"Raising the Dead: The Search for Lost Species."
Bill Murphy
"The Birds of Trinidad and Tobago"
Kevin Karlson
“For the Love of Birds”
Julio de la Torre
"Owls of North America"
Peter Mathiessen
"Cranes of the World"
Arthur Morris
Bird Photographer
Steve Hilty
"Dreams and Realites in the American Tropics"
Noel Snyder
"Re-introduction of the Thick-billed Parrot"
Debra Love Shearwater
"Through the Seasons: An Introduction to the Seabirds and Marine Mammals of Monterey Bay"
Dr. Jerome Jackson
"America's Endangered Woodpeckers: The Ivory-billed and the Red-cockaded"
Peter Alden
"Birding Antartica and Patagonia"
Daphne Gemmill
"Earthwatch - Birding Opportunities"
Paul Butler
RARE Center for Tropical Bird Conservation
Emile De Vito
"Birding and Conservation in Costa Rica"
William Streeter
"Northeastern Birds of Prey"
Ray Davis
"Florida Birds "
Jim Brett
"From David's Spring to Wadi Qelt: A Naturalist's Isreal"
Armas Hill
"Adventures in Brazil"
1984 Pete Dunne Ornithological Traditions of Cape May
1983 Daniel Roby "Birds of the Falklands and South Georgia"
1982 Len Soucy  
1981 Armas Hill California Birding
1980 Ben King "Birds of Asia"
1979 Dr. Kenneth C. Parkes "Birdwatcher at a Rusty Gate"
1978 John C. Yrizarry "Birds of Tikal"
1977 Dr. George Gee Endangered Species Program
1976 Richard A. Rowlett Sea Birds and Mammals off the Atlantic Coast
1971 Dr. Peter Paul Kellogg Bahama Birds and Bird Songs
1970 Dr. Charles Wurster The Impact of DDT

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