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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Sandra Keller

November 30, 2013
Edwin Forsythe NWR at Brigantine, New Jersey
Barnegat Inlet

I decided to add Barnegat to this annual Nov. trip this year. And what a success it was! I will keep this up for a few years. The two spots are not too close together, but make for a nice birding day with the different habitats, and also make for a needed break in between as we drove from one spot to another - and warmed up!

The Snowy Owls stole the show today! This irruption was not occurring when I set the trip up. It was a nice surprise! We had one at the end of the jetty and dunes at Barnegat and another 2 at Forysthe. We also enjoyed more King Eiders than is the norm for the state of NJ - 8. They were feeding at low tide among the rocks and jetties inside the inlet - which is normal at low tide.
The Common Eiders were at the false cove at that jetty - also a good area at low tide. Harlequins and Purple Sandpipers, Black and a lone Surf Scoter, Gannets, among many other species, were all seen well with many photographed.

When we hit Forysythe at 2:30 - we basically just seeked out the reported rarities. An advantage of arriving in the afternoon - everyone was there in the morning for the owls and reported locations for certain species!
The Redhead in the entry road ponds was cooperative. As were the 2 Snowy Owls in the east pool. The Snow Geese and Tundra Swans were showing and calling from the NW pool area. We didn't have any success with the Eurasian Wigeon though.

Marilyn Henry and I had scouted out Forysythe 5 days before - and by Saturday the locations and for some species had already changed considerably. Such is late fall weather! Any questions, please contact myself at sandrakeller@verizon.net.
Thank you to all participants!