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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Sandra Keller

August 26, 2013
Stone Harbor Point, NJ

Our annual Stone Harbor - Nummy's Island trip again birded from low
to high tide. It was interesting watching the terns and shorebirds gather
at each spot only to move on again with the rising water levels! Some
highlights were the 3 Gull-Billed Terns roosting on Champagne Island.
Possibly a pre-migration flocking together. Of course the Royal Terns were
there. A few young were still begging from the parents! They were fun to watch.
That sand bar that exposes at the north end of Nummy's Island had 471 Red
Knots congregated on it. Wow! We were wondering what they eat on the ocean
side here in the fall. Laurie Larson looked up some answers for us:
They eat small molluscs, worms and other invertebrates, and amphipods while they're
probing in the wet mud. If you can access BNA, it's very interesting. Says they eat plants
and roots when they arrive in the arctic because insects aren't numerous enough yet;
mostly insects later in the summer; molluscs, snails and worms while southbound, mussels
in Argentina.

A probable Piping Plover was running around feeding on the beach at the parking
area for Stone Harbor Point. We tried to get closer, but the beach season and good
weather were against us with that! Crowds and beach fees.

Most of the usual species we see on this trip were found. Big miss being Brown
Pelican. They are scarce this year.

Any questions, please email me at sandrakeller@verizon.net

Thank you to all the participants! It was a great pleasure birding with everyone - finding what's around,
learning new id points, etc. Sandra Keller"

Sandra Keller