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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Sandra Keller

May 12, 2014

Our change in venue this year proved very successful as the Kentucky Warblers showed nicely for an extended period of time! We saw 2 separate individuals very well at the Elephant Swamp. Other cooperative species included Acadian Flycatcher, Scarlet Tanager, Indigo Bunting, and both Yellow and Black-billed Cuckoos. Hooded and Prothonotary Warblers and the Louisiana Waterthrush were heard only. Paths run through the main part of the swamp off the main trail allowing one to explore the area very well - which we did.
Our main Delaware River location proved very productive with a flooded field before the river providing excellent looks at both Spotted and Solitary Sandpipers. On the river itself, we saw Caspian Terns, the Great Blue Herons on their breeding island, and had a Common Loon calling!
We ended with a total of about 70 species - and actually saw around 2/3 of these I believe it was. I would like to thank all the participants today for helping spot and getting everyone on the birds! Always difficult with dense vegetation.
If any questions about the trip, please email me and I will do my best to answer. sandrakeller@verizon.net

Sandra Keller