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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Sandra Keller

August 25, 2014
Cape May Point, NJ

The annual summer trip to seek out rare terns and study shorebirds and gulls was held at Cape May Point this year. A lot less walking than Stone Harbor Point is. But alas, Sandwich Terns were report from there on Wed! Two days after our trip!

Coral Ave. is a great spot to scan the rips and the beach for roosting terns and gulls.
High tide is best and early in the morning before the sun plays a role and makes viewing more challenging. We had excellent studies of Forster's, Common, Least, and Royal - the plumage differences among the juveniles, first-summer birds, and adults was a lesson for sure.

The State Park beach was next. Another area that is good to scan. Unfortunately, the carts from the State Park were on the beach. So the flocks were moving around. The Bunker Pond, Meadows, and Nummy's Island were all hit. We had a nice variety of shorebirds with a White-rumped at the Meadows and western Willets and Whimbrel at Nummy's being highlights.

This is Cape May - expect the unusual! We had an adult male Black Scoter at the south end of Nummy's. That's very early!

Questions? Please email me at sandrakeller@verizon.net - I am happy to try and answer any questions.