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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Sandra Keller

March 7, 2015
Salem County, NJ

Our trip to Salem County went despite the weather - it was a nice day weather wise, except for 6 inches
of snow on the ground from a storm 2 days previously. That and the still mostly frozen water made birding
a challenge, but we did quite well.

Featherbed Lane proved very good with birds out on the road edges escaping the snow covered fields - alas,
only about 1/3 of the Horned Larks that I had a week previously. We couldn’t refind the Lapland Longspur.
Snow cover does push the grassland birds to the road edges and as long as safe to park, we took advantage.
The photographers in the group were enjoying the good views of the birds against the snow. Actually, we all
were enjoying that!

Mannington Marsh was quite productive - even with the limited open water. Everything was packed into a
small area along the Rt. 45 causeway. We did miss Wood Duck and a couple other species, but that was the
lack of open marsh. A couple days later they were there. A surprise was 9 Pipits on the ice - feeding on grass seeds that had fallen to the ice. Different! A Red-shouldered Hawk was discovered feeding on prey on the ice.
Beautiful looks at this adult as it took off and landed in a tree nearby.

We had a good number of Bald Eagles along the Rt. 540 causeway. Roosting on the ice. Mannington is a hot spot for Bald Eagle - both nesting and immatures who stay year round.

With the snow cover, Snow Goose flocks were extremely hard to find. They might stay out in the marshes
when the fields are like this.

We hit Fort Mott and scanned the river. Gulls were floating by on ice flows. We managed a Lesser Black-backed floating north.

Jack Mahon put together this list of birds. I did a few ebird lists from certain spots. If any questions re species or
locations, please email me or Jack Mahon and we will try our best to answer.

Thanks to all the participants for a great trip! Sandra Keller — sandrakeller@verizon.net

X Snow Goose
X Canada Goose
X Mute Swan
X Tundra Swan
X Gadwall
X American Wigeon
X American Black Duck
X Mallard
X Northern Pintail
X Bufflehead
X Common Merganser
X Red-breasted Merganser
X Great Blue Heron
X Black Vulture
X Turkey Vulture
X Bald Eagle
X Northern Harrier
X Red-shouldered Hawk
X Red-tailed Hawk
X American Kestrel
X Peregrine Falcon
X American Coot
X Ring-billed Gull
X Mourning Dove
X Hairy Woodpecker
X American Crow
X Fish Crow
X Horned Lark
X Carolina Chickadee
X Tufted Titmouse
X American Robin
X Northern Mockingbird
X European Starling
X American Pipit
X Eastern Towhee
X Savannah Sparrow
X Song Sparrow
X Swamp Sparrow
X White-throated Sparrow
X White-crowned Sparrow
X Dark-eyed Junco
X Northern Cardinal
X Red-winged Blackbird
X Eastern Meadowlark
X Common Grackle
X Brown-headed Cowbird
X House Sparrow

Sandra Keller
Barrington, NJ