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Items related to DVOC and the founding of Hawk Mountian

From the DVOC Minutes

October 20, 1932
Local Notes
“Mr. Plough spoke of a trip taken with Mr. Collins to Drehrsville, Pa. recently, in order to check up on the reputed annual hawk slaughter at this locality. Dead birds picked up included, Osprey 3, Sharp Shinned 218, Cooper’s Hawk 8, Broad Winged, Sparrow Hawk and Blue Jay. Mr. Plough estimated that about 2000 Sharp Shinned had been killed there this fall. Practically al hawks are classed as vermin in Penna., and being unprotected , they are killed indiscriminately, even on Sunday, which, it was stated, is permissible by law. A discussion followed as to ways and means of stopping this slaughter”

November 3, 1932
Local Notes
“Mr. Plough stated that a great many more Sharp Shinned Hawks had been shot at Drehrsville since his last visit, and that a large flight of Red Tails, about 500, was seen there Oct. 3o.”

October 19, 1933
“He [Mr. Plough] reported a Rough Legged Hawk at Drehrsville, PA Oct. 15, and stated that many Sharp Shins have been shot there this fall and quite a few Blue Jays. Mr. McDonald paid a visit to this locality and mentioned that about 200 hawks are being killed there daily during migration.”

November 2, 1933
Local Notes
“Drehrsville, October 29, 200 to 300 Red Tails, about 50 killed by gunners. Only one Red Shouldered”

October 4, 1934
“The Raptor situation at Drehresville was discussed by Mr Plough who stated that Mrs. Edge, of the Emerg. Conserv. Comm. had secured a lease on some 1400 acres, for a year, with an option to purchase outright at $2.50 per acre. Maurice Broun, with an assistant, have been engaged to police the property, prohibiting entrance to gunners. Discussion followed, and it was generally felt that the Club should contribute something toward the purchase of the proposed Sanctuary. Mr. Tatum suggested that a letter be sent to Mrs. Edge, expressing the Club’s appreciation for her efforts in this matter. Mr. Livingston suggested that the DVOC take a Field Trip to Hawk Mt. Sunday Oct. 28.”

October 18, 1934
“Mr. Plough spoke briefly on the Hawk Mt. Sanctuary, and read an article by Col. Henry W. Shoemaker which appeared recently in the Altoona Times, condemning the needless slaughter of Hawks in Penna, and the indifference of the Game Commission and the Audubon Soc. to the situation. The writer praised the efforts of Mrs. C. N. Edge in leasing Hawk Mountain for a year, and hoped that sufficient funds could be raised to purchase the tract. Mr. Plough stated that about eight Golden Eagles had been seen to date, a number of Goshawks and two Hawks thought to be Gyrfalcons”

November 1, 1934
“ Messrs. Plough, Wehl, Foster and Woolman were named by the Pres. to serve on the Conservation Comm. in addition to those already appointed. It was voted that contributions be solicited from Club members by the Committee and same to be turned over to Arth. Emlen to go toward a fund to be contributed by the club to Mrs. C. N. Edge of the Emerg. Cons. Comm. to be used toward the purchase price of Hawk Mt."
“Mr. Plough stated that about 22 Golden Eagles had been seen at Hawk Mt. to date this fall, and that about 5359 hawks had been seen by Mr. Braun. Reporting on the Club Field Trip to this region October 28, Mr. Potter stated that approx 135 Red Tails had been observed, and one Golden Eagle. “

November 15, 1934
“Latest developments in the Hawk Mt. matter, including proposed plans for the collection of funds for its purchase, were discussed by various members.”

December 6, 1934
Local Notes:
“Hawk Mt. Dec. 2, Golden Eagles (2), Goshawk: 14 Wild Turkeys seen recently on the Sanctuary, Plough”

March 7, 1935
“Dr. Stone spoke briefly about Hawk Mt. and of Mrs. C. N. Edge’s contemplated plans to further the project; the matter was not open for discussion, in order not to encroach upon the time of the Speaker of the evening.”

May 2, 1935
“At the Active Session, a motion was made and passed that Dr. Stone be reimbursed $20, the cost of Hawk Mt. notices printed for distribution”

October 3, 1935
Local Notes:
“Hawk Mt. Sept. 26, migration of Bluejays, 600. Hawks scarce, McDonald”

October 17, 1935
Local Notes:
“Hawk Mt. vicinity, Oct. 13, White Crowned Sparrow (flock); Rough Legged Hawk, pr.; Golden Eagle, Connecticut W. Livingston.
Mr. Plough reported the killing of 4 to 5 hundred Hawks about 25 miles above Hawk . Mt. on October 13. One Bald Eagle was among the number.”

December 5, 1935
Local Notes;;
“Hawk Mt. Nov. 24, Goshawk, 60, Plough”

October 1, 1936
Local Notes;
Hawk Mt. two Bald Eagles already seen this fall and many Broadwings, A. Emlen”

October 15, 1936
“A Survey of the Hawk Migration on various sections of the Blue Ridge, taken Oct. 11 by certain members, was discussed.”

November 5, 1936
“A motion was passed that a Committee be named by the Pres. To solicit funds for a Club donation toward the running expenses of Hawk Mt. for the current season. Messrs Gilleespie, Carlson and Weyl formed the committee named by Pres. Emlen.”