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The meeting was called to order by Ron French.
26 members and 8 guests were present.
The minutes of the meeting held 5/4/00 were read, amended and approval

There were no reports from Archives, Books, Cassinea, Conservation or Larus.

Field trips: Frank Windfelder's Pennypack trip had a total of 3 participants, 23 less than last year. 67 species were seen in 4½ hrs, including Kentucky, Philaldephia Vireo, 20 Wood Thrush, 6 Veery, 4 Swainson and a Gray-cheecked Thrush.
Don Jones reported that Colin Campbell's Pocomoke weekend trip produced over 140 species, with good numbers of warblers in the swamp, 2 Sora's at Bombay Hook and 5 Black Rails and 2 King Rails at Elliot Island.
Don Jones' Hawkins Rd trip this Sunday starts bright and early at 6. Directions are available.

Ornithological Studies: Chuck Hetzel encouraged all to participate in the census of the 'coastal plain' Swamp Sparrow.

Programs: In Colin Campbell's absent, Ron French announced that our next program would be on "Chasing Warblers", by author and Texan Bob Thornton.

Paul Guris recounted the 24-hour World Series of Birding adventure in which our Nikon/DVOC team finished in a first place tie with 219 species, which included 33 warbler species.
After an intensive 5 year campaign to attract Purple Martins, Hart Rufe finally has been rewarded with a pair.
Roy Frock announced that the Peregrines on City Hall have 1 nestling, which Dan Brauning will band.
Mike O'Brien let Hart Rufe know that at Brigantine, the 'dawn song' was set up on April 1st to attract Purple Martins and they were in by the 15th.
Rick Mellon's team placed first in the Buck County bird-a-thon with 133 species.
Frank Windfelder observed that Cerulean Warblers seemed to be declining, which in turn bought about a discussion on the dwindling numbers of Upland Sandpiper's and Ruffed Grouse in our area.

Sandy Sherman reported that Ray Miller banded a Hammond's Flycather at Tinicum.
Mike O'Brien led a group to Hawkins Road on the 7th. Sightings included a Prothontary that was 'glued' to a telegraph pole for 20 minutes.
Chris Walter's 48-hour bird-a-thon (with plenty of time for beauty sleep), had Olive-sided Flycather, Sandhill Crane on Lily Lake and a White-crowned Sparrow at Brig.
Joanne Raine passed on greetings from PD Hulce (in Texas) to Ron French (whatever happened to e-mail?).
Katrina Knight returned from 3 weeks in Florida, having seen 200 species, including White-tailed Tropicbird and Yellow-faced Grassquit.
Ron French reported that a female breeding plumaged Red-necked Phalarope was at Bradford Dam. On the NAMC at Peace Valley they had 94 species including Yellow-bellied and Acadian Flycatcher and Wilson's Warbler, as well as Louisiana Waterthrush and Wild Turkey which are first time nesters at PV.
Chuck Hetzel's Birdcast survey at Spring Lane has had 120 Bobolinks, 5 Savannahs and for one day only a singing Dickcissel.
Mike O'Brien reports that the Pergerine at Forthyse hatched 2-3 young.
Jim Lyman wondered were all the Pheasants have gone?

Clay Sutton introduced SouthEast Arizona Bird Observatory's (SABO) Hummingbird expert, Sheri Williamson, who showed us how varied this family of 325 plus species are, 'Everything we every wanted to know about Hummingbirds" and more.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns
Secretary, DVOC

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