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Minutes of the DVOC Meeting for October 19th, 2000

The meeting was called to order by Ron French. 39 members and 3 guests were present.
The minutes of the meeting held October 5th, were read, amended and approved.

JoAnn Raine, Cecilia Deemer and Arthur McMorris' membership nominations were all approved.

Archives: In making an inventory, Katrina Knight has noticed that some are missing.

Field Trips: Frank Windfelder felt that his October 7th, sparrow field trip to Brigantine was held a little too early this year, even though 10 participants got to see 3 Nelson's 'subvirgatus', 84 species including a Clay-colored Sparrow.
Frank will lead the November 4th, trip to Bake Oven Knob for raptors.
December 9th is the date for Armas Hill's Brielle 'heated handrail' Pelagic, going for Great Skua and Alcids.

Ornithological Studies: Chuck Hetzel let us know that Doris McGovern was preparing a detailed report.

Banquet: Bernice Koplin reminded all that money and registrations were due for the December 7th Banquet.

Books: Ellen Short bargain basement books were 50% off. Colin Campbell noted that BJ's was unloading Sibley's book for $25.

Nominating Committee: Hart Rufe is looking for 2 people to fill the vacancies on council.

Colin Campbell announced the following programs:
11/2 - Members Slide Show to include, Birds, Birders and Nature Landscapes
11/16 - Ralph Mancke on the "Conversation of the Philippine Eagle"
12/7 - The Annual Banquet with Kevin Karlson as the featured speaker
12/21 - Club members get a chance to recount their Memorable Moments.

Alan Brady read some of the original DVOC history, recounting that on February 3rd, 1890 there was an organized field study for killing and protecting of birds. One of the species mentioned was Sharp-tailed Sparrows.

Erica Brendal announced that Ann O'Leary is now living in Germany and has extended an invitation to members who wish to bird Germany.

Frank Windfelder, now DVOC's official hotline host, will be keeping us all abreast of the latest DVOC news, through his e-mail list.

Ron French read a letter from Hawk Watch International, who were looking for someone to help with the count in the Florida Keys.

Paul Guris noted that Mary Gustafson with 320 species seen to date in Delaware this year, wants to shatter the record, and was organizing a pelagic out of Lewes on December 3rd.

Ron French noted that Devitch Frabotnick, has already reached 234 species seen this year in Bucks County.

Local Notes:
Kate Somerville had Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Eastern Towhee and Ovenbirds at City Hall, Clay-colored and Lincoln's Sparrow at Palmyra, and Field Sparrow, Swainson's Thrush and Kinglets in North Phila.

Erica Brendal had a new yard bird, a Brown Thrasher amongst the pokeweed.

The Guris' saw the Sabine Gull at Merrill Creek, last seen the 16th.

Joe Majdan reported a Tri-colored Heron crossing 611, and hundreds of Kinglets at Hawk Mt.

JoAnn Raine had 1000's of Yellow-rumps and 6 Snow Geese at the Meadows, to which Paul Guris added that the Beanery had a major fallout estimated at 30 thousand warblers, including 20,000 Yellow-rumps on the 8th.

Colin Campbell reported that there was a Juvenile Franklin's Gull and a Great White-fronted Goose at Silver Lake in Rehoboth.

Bob Mercer had second-hand word of a Winter Wren at Silver Lake in Bucks.

News from further a field included….
Don Jones in California… a pelagic trip, Mountain Quail, Pacific Golden Plover and the 'coastal race' of Sage Sparrow and another pelagic trip;
Ron French in Italy… pigeons, a boat ride in Venice, pigeons, Little Egret, Greenshank, Kingfisher and more pigeons;
Adrian Binns in Veracruz, for River of Raptors and
Armas Hill in Iceland with a good showing of rarities…Blackcaps, Eurasian Kestrel as well as the Northern Lights.

Evening Program:
The meeting concluded with an outstanding program given by Bill Barber on the history and birding in the Adirondacks.

Respectfully submitted,

Adrian Binns

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