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Minutes of the DVOC for April 18, 2002

Our former President, Ron French, called the meeting to order, while the membership roamed about preparing for the Book Auction. Ron announced that most of the normal business of our typical meeting would be skipped to allow time for the Auction.
Thirty members and six guests were present.
The minutes of the April 4, 2002 meeting were quickly read and approved.


The Club's Champion World Series "Birdathon" team continues to solicit pledges. The World Series is May 11. Members were encouraged to sign up and support the DVOC team.

Ron French announced the upcoming field trip, led by Colin Campbell, to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Pokomoke. This trip occurs May 3, 4, and 5. See Colin or the Website for details.

Ron French also announced that the subject of the June 6 meeting this year will be the "May Run Reports." Members were encouraged to keep track of what species they see on any "birdy" day in May and submit their results. Special reporting forms will be available for pick-up at the May 2 and 16 meetings.

The Book Auction

The meeting was then turned over to our expert auctioneer, Bob Mercer. This year we received many advance bids over the Internet. Bob did such a great job that virtually all the Street and Sehl book collections were sold, all proceeds going to the Club. After the meeting, several members were seen heading for trucks, with boxes loaded with book bargains.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Walters -- Secretary

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