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Minutes of the DVOC for December 19, 2002

The snow cancelled our December 5 meeting but the December 19, meeting was called to order by President Colin Campbell.
21 members and 2 guests were present. Brad Merritt of Rocky Hill, NJ was elected to membership.
Two new member proposals were read, one for Doug Schaller (proposed by the Gordons, Hetzel and Parnum) and the other for Shirley Gracie (proposed by Henderson and Jackson).

Committee Reports

The Nominating Committee, by Hart Rufe, proposed its slate of officers and councilors for 2003, to be voted on at the January 2 Annual Meeting: Colin Campbell, President, Adrian Binns, Vice President, Chris Walters, Secretary, and Naomi Murphy, Treasurer. Bert Filemyr and Art McMorris were proposed as new additions to the DVOC council.

Ornithological Studies, by Chuck Hetzel, reported that a list of bird study sites will be put on the Club Website. These sites include one for Kentucky Warblers at Schuylkill Valley Nature Center and one for Grassland species at the Pennypack Trust.

For Cassinia, Sandy Sherman solicited field note and other contributions from members for the years 2000-2001.

Jane Henderson reported that the next issue of Larus will be in the spring.

Field Trips

Saturday, January 11 will be the Philadelphia Mid-Winter Census. Contact Keith Russell or Adrian Binns if you want to participate.

January 18-20, the Martin Luther King Weekend, will be the Long Island/Montauk Trip. Contact Erica Brendel or Chris Walters.

Saturday, January 25 will be Ward Dasey's field trip to Florence, NJ. Find the best winter gulls on the East Coast.


January 16: Jim Lockyer will present a program on the Rose Tree Hawk Watch in Delaware County, PA.

February 6 will be Bill Evans on "Nocturnal Calls of Migratory Birds."


The DVOC Checklist is now on our Website and can be downloaded and printed out. Roy Frock suggested the Club print more checklists in booklet form for possible sale. Bert Filemyr will look into this suggestion.

Tom Reeves will lead a field trip to New England starting Thursday, February 27 and concluding Sunday, March 2.

Local Notes

In Philadelphia, Kate Somerville had Peregrine atop the Inquirer Building, a Red-tailed Hawk at 13th & Spring Garden, and a Cooper's Hawk in Northern Liberties.

Chuck Hetzel reported 350 Canvasbacks at Baxter Water Treatment Lagoon in Northeast Philadelphia. Long-billed Curlew continues on mud bars behind North Wildwood, NJ, and Chuck had both Eagles at Jake's Landing Road.

Martin Selzer and Chris Walters reported on an early December trip to the Niagara River area, where Trumpeter Swans and 11 species of Gull, including California and Thayer's, were seen. This trip was led by Bert Filemyr and Adrian Binns.

Featured Program

The evening devoted to "Memorable Moments in Birding." Stories were told, some old, some new, and some even true. Storytellers included Jan Gordon, Reeves, Binns, McGovern, Filemyr, Walters, and Campbell. Several storytellers used slides to try to persuade the audience that their "memorable moments" actually occurred.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher K. Walters

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