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Minutes of the DVOC for May 2, 2002:

President Colin Campbell called the meeting to order.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.
There were 28 members and 1 guest present.
Colin took a moment to remind anyone contemplating a "big day" in May to pick up forms from him and report their results to Chris Walters for the June meeting.

Committee Reports:
No reports from: Archives, Conservation, Cassinia, Ornithological Studies or the Website

Larus: Jane Henderson announced that everyone should have received their spring issue by now. She brought extra copies for anyone who needs one.

Field Trips:
- Colin's Pocomoke Weekend trip will begin on Friday evening, May 3rd, at 8 pm at Broadkill Beach. The trip concludes Sunday May 5th.

- Andie Ednie will have a trip to White Clay Creek on Sunday May 5th.

- Don Jones will lead a group to Hawkin Rd. and Bright View Farms on Sunday, May 19th

- The next meeting on May 16th will feature John Serrao and a program entitled "The Magic of Spring"

- On June 6th, Chris Walters will host a meeting featuring the results of club members May Runs. Anyone participating in a May Run is encouraged to submit their results to Chris for the meeting.

- Sandy Sherman thanked Larus editor, Jane Henderson, for the quality and timeliness of the newsletters.

- Jane Henderson passed on this note from Marylea Klauder. Mayor John Street is considering plans to open the land currently occupied by the Roxborough Reservoir for developers. Mobilization is necessary in the way of letter writing etc. to voice our objections to this proposal.

Local Notes:

- Mike O'Brien reported that Purple Martins returned to the Brigantine Refuge on Easter weekend. Wood Ducks are also nesting there right now. Mike also reported hearing a Barred Owl at his house last night. His other sightings include a male American Redstart, Yellow Warblers and Pine Siskins.

- Kate Somerville compiled an impressive list of sightings from Center City Phila, including an area around City Hall : Catbird, Ovenbird, American Kestrel, Red-tailed Hawk, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Hermit Thrush, Wood Thrush, Eastern Towhee and Brown Thrasher.

- While waiting from his ride to the meeting tonight, Roy Hendricks had Yellow-rumped, Black and White , Black-throated Green and Nashville Warblers. He also reported having an excellent trip to the Sandy Hook spring hawk watch where a highlight was an immature No. Goshawk.

- Don Jones reported that the Prothonotary Warblers have returned to Hawkin Rd. The first bird was heard on April 19th and by now there are at least 6-7 males. 3 of the birds are returns, 1 was banded 3 years ago. Only 1 female has, so far, been noted. Based on the sonograms, the 3 returning birds appear to be singing the same songs as last year. Also, predator guards have been added to protect the nest boxes.

Don also reported at all the usual birds have returned to the site with the exception of Kentucky Warblers.

- Doris McGovern reported an unusual sighting on April 14th in Chester Co. She had a bird that appeared to be a Palm Warbler but it had 2 big white wing patches and a bright yellow cap. It may possibly be a hybrid.

She also reported that on April 24th the Rosetree Park Hawk Watch recorded 2090 Broad-winged Hawks. A Broad-winged Hawk, possibly the same bird as last year, returned to Doris's yard on April 18th and is building a nest.

- Colin Campbell reported that a possible Little Blue/ Little Egret hybrid was seen at Bombay Hook April 28th. It looks very like a 1st year Little Blue but with 2 long white plumes and 2 short white plumes. It also has dark lores and a white eye.

- Sandy Sherman reported that Jake's Landing Road is hosting a Swainson's Warbler and a White-winged Dove is coming in to feeders in Cape May. A road-killed Peacock was found in the vicinity of the reported Limpkin at Turkey Point leading to the observation that perhaps Peacocks in the act of being run over can sound very like Limpkins.

- Bob Mercer saw nesting Green Herons while visiting the Penn Warner corporate offices. He also reported that a visit to Princeton Woods was very disappointing with only a few Palm Warblers seen. He also had Yellow-throated Warblers at Bull's Island as well as Carolina Chickadees which seem to have replaced Black-capped in the area.

- Art McMorris had some "firsts" for his yard list: Cartbird, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Chimney Swifts and Purple Finch.

He also reported on his recent "Chicken Trip" to Colorado. The weather played a big part in this year's trip. The lack of snow has pushed out White-tailed Ptarmigan with only 1 bird found. The early spring, however, did bring in Williamson's Sapsuckers. On a sadder note, Art reported that one of the best Sharp-tailed Grouse lek sites in Haydn has been abandoned as has one of the Lesser Prairie Chicken sites. Whether this is due to human pressures is unknown.

- Rick Mellon passed around photos of an albino Ring-billed Gull he found in Salem Co. He also reported that Horned Larks found in the area earlier now appear to have gone as have the Savannah Sparrows but he did have 1 Upland Sandpiper. In Alpha he had Horned Larks and Grasshopper Sparrows

- Jane Henderson reported that Militia Hill had a great Broad-winged flight the same day as Rosetree with over 1,000 birds seen. 12 Osprey were also recorded that day. Ft. Washington Park also has Yellow, Yellow-rumped, Black-and-white, Black-throated Green, Palm and Black-throated Blue Warblers, plus Ovenbirds, Baltimore Orioles, Scarlet Tanagers and Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers.

- Eric Brendel reports the same from Carpenter's Woods plus No. Parula, Veery , and Wood Thrush. She also reported 2 new birds for her in this area: a Peregrine Falcon on Saturday and a Purple Martin on Wednesday - both fly-over birds.

- Further afield, Colin Campbell, reported an amazing banding record for the U.K. on an island off the coast of Wales. A Manx Shearwater was caught for the 4th time in its life. The first time was in 1956 when it was estimated to be 4 years old. For those of you still counting, that's 50 years.

- An additional note from Mike O'Brien: he had a Pileated Woodpecker at Bowman's Hill and a Ruby-throated Hummingbird on his lawn mower handle. - Colin added that Ellen Short had Philadelphia Vireo in her yard and Maurice Barnhill reported one in White Clay Creek.

After a slight delay Larry Niles presented the evening's sobering program on the plight of the Horseshoe Crabs in the Delaware Bay and the effect on migrating shorebirds.

Respectfully submitted.


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