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Minutes of the DVOC for March 20, 2003

President Colin Campbell called the meeting to order. 40 persons, including 12 guests, were present.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as corrected .
Alice Sevareid and Mike Ferguson were recommended for membership.


Anita Guris announced World Series pledges this year will be donated to Audubon's East Park Reservoir project. Our goal is to reach $5,000 in pledges


Katrina Knight is working to collect the minutes from past meetings.

Jane Henderson announced that the next issue will include DVOC decals for all members.

Ornithological Studies:

Chuck Hetzel thanked Emmerson Bowes for adding past ornithological studies to the web page. Chuck has also been working with people from Swarthmore College to monitor birds around the Roxborough Towers.

Mike Fritz gave a brief ornithological studies talk, preceding the featured program, on two different calls of saw-whet owls; the classic "toot" call and the more common winter "screeching" call. He also noted that saw-whets in winter rarely seem to respond to his tapes of the "toot" call.
Field Trips:

Per Adrian Binns the next 2 field trips coming up are:

April 5 will be the annual trip to Pedricktown and Mannington Marsh area with Frank Windfelder
April 27 will be a new trip led by Colin Campbell to Forts Dupont, Delaware, and Mott via the ferry from Delaware City.


April 3 will be our program on Northern Goshawks, by David Brinker.


Paul Guris has scheduled a new pelagic out of Lewes Delaware on April 12. He still has a April 26 trip scheduled out of Belmar, NJ.

Doris McGovern announced that Lukas Jenni, a Swiss ornithologist expert on passerine molt sequences, will be speaking at the Eastern Bird Banding Association meeting on April 5-6 at Powder Mill in western Pennsylvania. Doris also reported that one of her banded Carolina Wrens was recovered from 150 miles away in VA.
Local Notes:

Paul Guris reported on his 3/15 pelagic out of Lewes notable for it's mild weather and good birds, including 4 Dovekies, Red Phalarope, Puffin, Common Murre, Thick-billed Murre, Razorbills, and 100+ No. Fulmar.

Martin Selzer had a Bald Eagle while at work in Springhouse, Pennsylvania.

Steve Schnur observed an interesting feeding behavior among gulls on Lake Galena, Pennsylvania. Apparently a large fish kill during the winter trapped many gizzard shad beneath the ice. Gulls, mostly Herring, were observed using their bills to chop holes in the ice through which they pulled the dead fish.

Colin Campbell reported four Grebe species in southern Delaware, as well as King Eider, Common Eider, Harlequin Duck, Blue-winged Teal and Osprey.

Katrina Knight had an Osprey in Neshaminy, Pennsylvania.

Alan Brady noted that, despite 87 ½ inches of snow, over 100 Evening Grosbeaks were coming into feeders in Nederland, Colorado.

Don Jones enjoyed great looks at 6 Little Gulls in Cape May.

Featured Program:

The evening was then turned over to our speaker, Kevin McGowan, who gave a fascinating program on the "Uncommon Crow". A lively question and answer period followed.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Jackson
Acting Secretary

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