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Minutes of the DVOC
November 4, 2004

Minutes of the DVOC for November 4, 2004

Adian Binns took up more than half of this table and called the meeting to order at 7:32. 36 members and 3 guests attended.

The minutes of October 21 were approved as read. The DVOC officers have obviously taken a page from the current Presidential administration, as no dissent was tolerated.

Committee Reports
Membership Committee: Anita Guris announced 3 new candidates for membership; William Keim, Jeff Hawk, Andy Bernick. Curt Schwartz was elected to membership. Anita will continue to ply homeless people with alcohol in order to increase membership, and improve the quality of the pool of future officers and councilors in the process.

Conservation: No report.

Larus: No report.

Cassinia: Art McMorris reported that the upcoming issue had sufficient material, but he would entertain including additional articles if anybody wished to submit them. Paul Guris offered to create a regular feature modeled after the letters section of Penthouse magazine in order to increase circulation. He is still awaiting Art's reply.

Publications: No report.

Field Trips: Adrian Binns announced the following upcoming field trips:
- Sun, November 6 for Saw-whet Owl banding with Adrian Binns
- Sun, November 6 at Bake Oven Knob with Frank Windfelder
- Fri, December 31 pelagic Christmas Bird Count with Paul Guris

Programs: Chris Walters announced the following upcoming programs:
- November 18 is the annual banquet, with speaker Carl Safina and his program "The Eye of the Albatross".
- December 2, Michael Male and Judy Feith will present “Time with Birds: Filming Birds Over 15 Years”. Michael and Judy filmed the Watching Warblers and Watching Sparrows videos.
- December 16, Pat Sutton will present "How to Find Owls".

Archives: No report.

Adrian Binns will be running a trip in early February to Holland for the large numbers of wintering geese and other birds.

Paul Guris announced that he will be running pelagic trips on Dec. 4 out of Belmar, NJ and on Dec. 11 out of Lewes, DE.

Bob Mercer announce that bidders #34 and #36 from the book auction need to pick up and pay for their books. The auction raised $1300. It was suggested that at the next auction we serve snacks and booze to make people buy more.

Local Notes

Anita Guris had a Carolina Wren in her home in Green Lane. If was captured, petted, smoochied, and released unharmed.

Molly Daley reported a Brant at the Philadelphia Water Works.

Frank Windfelder reported a Baird's Sandpiper in Shearness Pool in Bombay Hook, as well as 16 other species of shorebirds in the area including both godwits.

Adrian Binns heard a second hand report of a Baird's Sandpiper at Brigantine on 10/29.

Bert Filemyr reported a Loggerhead Shrike at Broadkill Beach, DE.

Rob Goeff reports a Pine Siskin in Center City.

Adrian Binns reported a Wilson's Warbler in Langhorne in his yard. He also reported 160-170 Lesser Black-backed Gulls in Churchville Reservoir.

Steve Kerr was in Cape May on Sunday where they had over 50,000 American Robins, 200+ Purple Finches, Pine Siskins, a Dickcissel, and a Sedge Wren.

Adrian Binns reported that an adult frigatebird was seen on Saturday in Cape May.

Ornithological Studies
Lynn Jackson shared digitized film clips of DVOC outings in the 1920s, including Julian Potter, Flecher Street, Witmer Stone, and other notables. It was a fascinating look at our club's past.

Dina Fonesca of the Smithsonian presented "How Mosquitoes and Birds Intersect: The Hawaiian Honeycreeper Example". It was an amazing look at how mosquitoes have spread around the world, and how the diseases they can carry can have an impact on bird populations.

The meeting adjourned around 9:35.

Respectfully submitted,