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Minutes of the DVOC
April 21, 2005

Guest President Don Jones, substituting for Adrian Binns, presided over what was quite possibly the fastest meeting in DVOC's history. Time was considered to be of the essence as we had the opportunity to be presented with a double program on Sandhill Cranes.

Don called the meeting to order at 7:35. 42 members and 4 guests attended. The minutes for April 7 were more spewed than read, and approval was railroaded through by Don in a manner that would make a Congressman green with envy.

Committee Reports
Committee reports were largely discouraged, though the following information was able to be quickly presented under Don's scowling visage:

Membership Committee: Anita Guris announced that Richard Conroy was our newest candidate for membership.

Field Trips: Martin Selzer eloquently said the following:
• There is a trip to the Pocomoke May 6-8 with Colin Campbell. See the web site for more details.
• There is a trip to Ft. Washington State Park with Bill Murphy on May 8. See the web site for more details.
• There is a trip to Hawkins Road and Brightview Farm with Don Jones on May 15. See the web site for more details.

Programs: Chris Walters announced the following upcoming programs:
• 05/05: Dr. Aliza Baltz of the Philadelphia Zoo will present "Report on Zoo's Micronesian Kingfisher Success and Other Captive Breeding Bird Programs".
• 05/19: Dr. Rober Curry from Villanova University will present "Conservation Ecology of Island-Endemics (the Mimids--Mockingbirds and their Allies)".
• 06/02: Clem Fisher, on a visit here from Great Britain, will present "Australian Birds in Philadelphia and Other Unexpected Places: A Tribute to John Gould's Assistant, John Gilbert". May round-up reports will also be made at this meeting.

• Anita Guris: The annual DVOC picnic will be held at the Guris home in Green Lane, PA on July 23. Beer and grilling services will be supplied. Jeff Holt cheered at the announcement of free beer. Sounds like he's DVOC officer material.
• Bert Filemyr: Asked to borrow a Lane's Birder's Guide to Idaho if anybody owns a copy.
• Paul Guris: WSB pledge forms are in the sign-up book and proceeds from this year are going to help with an education program being done at the Delaware Bay shorebird viewing areas. The team is also looking for people willing to help us scout.
• Chris Walters: The annual banquet will be held on Nov. 17 at the Sheet Metal Workers Hall. Guest speakers will be Michael Male and Judy Feith, the creators of the "Watching Warblers" and "Watching Sparrows" videos, back for an encore performance after their excellent presentation to the club in 2004.
• Chris Walters: Naomi Murphy will be doing a program on butterflies at the Palmyra Cove Nature Center on Thursday ngiht, April 28.
• Chris Walters: Gave an update on Frank Windfelder's Palmyra Cove Nature Park big year. His current total stands at 111 species.

Local Notes
• Erica Brendell: There was a good migrant flight at Carpenter's Woods in Philadelphia. Highlights included 5 species of warblers (including an early Blackburnian) and numbers of Blue-headed Vireos, Black & White Warblers, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Hermit Thrushes, and Sapsuckers.
• Augie Sexauer: Report that 2 Prothonotaries are back on territory at Hawken's Road.

Unbelievably, we finished our club business in a mere 11 minutes and were able to introduce our speakers at 7:46. Kudos to King Don (not to be confused with Don King) for keeping the evening moving. The reward for our brevity was one of the most unique programs that DVOC has ever experienced. The speakers were Paul Tebbel and Michael Forsberg, who have worked with the Sandhill Cranes on the Platte River in Nebraska, and other places, for a number of years.

The first program presented by Paul was "Sandhill Cranes: Understanding Crane Communication". The program was based on video of a number of crane behaviors, with fascinating explanation of what was and was not known about the significance of each.

This was followed by Michael's program "On Ancient Wings", a photo study set to music that was visually stunning. Books were available for sale after the meeting containing most, if not all, of the photos we saw.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul A. Guris, Secretary