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Minutes of the DVOC
November 3, 2005

Adrian Binns made an unprecedented second appearance in a row, in an apparent attempt to at least appear as if he takes less vacation time than George Bush. He called the meeting to order at 7:35. 48 members and 3 guests attended. The minutes for October 20 were approved as read.

Committee Reports
Membership: Connie Goldman announced 4 new members; Gabe Johnson, Howard Einspahr, Bradford Whitman, and Alexander Grinwade. Three more before the end of the year, and Connie gets a free toaster oven!

Web Site: Bert Filemyr has completed movement of the club’s web site from the Academy’s servers to our own web hosting company. Your bookmarks may have to change. Contrary to the rumors, hotchick.dvoc.org is NOT a valid web site.

Field Trips: The following upcoming field trips were announced:
• Frank Windfelder: The Bake Oven Knob will be Saturday, 11/5. Meet at 8:00 at the parking lot.
• Adrian Binns: The Saw-whet Owl banding trip on 11/12 has one space open.
• Adrian Binns: There will be a trip to Niagra Falls on the Mon-Wed after Thanksgiving.

Programs: Chris Walters announced the following upcoming programs:
• 11/17: The annual banquet with Michael Male and Judy Feith.
• 12/01: Scott Barnes will present "Birding Sandy Hook"
• 12/15: Member slide night. Adrian Binns asked for entries by 12/05.

• Chris Walters: Bruce Babbit will be speaking at the Academy on Nov. 14 about national land use planning.
• Bert Filemyr: A copy of Witmer Stone’s “Bird Studies at Old Cape May” is on sale by a library in Woodlands, TX.
• Martin Selzer: Sam Fried will be speaking at Wyncote Audubon on Friday, 11/4.
• Art McMorris: PA Audubon is giving White-tailed Deer workshops at Mill Grove on 11/12.
• Anita Guris: The Dec. 3 pelagic trip out of Belmar, NJ is already over half filled, and the other December trips are filling also.
• Adrian Binns: Entries are needed for the caption contest on page 9 of Larus On-line.
• Adrian Binns: Matt Sharp spoke about gulls on WXPN on the last two mornings.
• Adrian Binns: eGuides has put out the famous Collins Guide to European birds on a hand-held PDA, including sounds.

Local Notes
• Molly Daley: The adult male Rufous Hummingbird that has been at her feeder in southern Chester County for 3 weeks is still there. She also reported that there were multiple Purple Finches at her feeder.
• Bob Mercer: A Snow Bunting flew by Bake Oven Knob on Monday.
• Frank Windfelder: The Palmyra year list stands at 213, with new additions of Vesper Sparrow and Orange-crowned Warbler. Vesper Sparrows and an Orange-crowned were also in Delaware, and a Black-capped Chickadee was at his feeder in north Philadelphia.
• Ron French: There were 3 Vesper Sparrows at Peace Valley, and a Black-capped Chickadee at his feeder in Chalfont.
• Art McMorris: Also report Black-capped Chickadees. It appears to be an invasion year.

Upcoming Ornithological Studies
Art McMorris announced the following upcoming ornithological studies:
• 12/01: Carl Perry will discuss Ivory-billed Woodpecker woodworkings
• 12/15: Art McMorris will discuss the 2005 Peregrine Falcon Nesting Season in PA
• Art told people to make sure they look at the “What’s This” feature on our web site.

Ornithological Study
Colin Campbell discussed the Snow Goose complex, including Greater and Lesser Snow Goose and Ross’s Goose.

Sam Fried presented "Eastern Australia Birding", and made everybody want to hop on a plane and take a 22 hour ride across the world.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul A. Guris, Secretary