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Minutes of the DVOC
January 19, 2006

President Chris Walters called the meeting to order. In attendance were 55 members and 2 guests.

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee: Connie Goldman announced the admission of Sally Johnson and Sasha Laskowski into the club.

Conservation: Jan Gordon cited a January 16th Philadelphia Inquirer article, in which the Fish & Wildlife Commission denied a request to put the Red Knot on the Endangered Species list. Doris McGovern retorted that the request was for “emergency” listing of the species, in which there are different criteria.

Field Trips:

Montauk Trip Report: Erica Brendel reported that the story of the January 14th-16th trip was the weather – bad! We did see Monk Parakeet, Greater White-fronted Goose, Glaucous Gull, Snow Bunting, & American Bittern.

Florence, Saturday, January 21st – meet leader Matt Sharp at the boat ramp in Florence at 9:00 AM.

Barnegat Light, Sunday, January 22nd – meet leaders Martin Selzer and Bert Filemyr at the lighthouse at 8:00 AM.

The North Shore, NJ, Saturday, January 28th – meet leader Martin Selzer at the south jetty of Manasquan Inlet at 8:30 AM.

Oregon, June 4th-14th, 2006 – This is an opportunity to join Don Jones, Al Driscoll, Tom Bailey, and Frank Windfelder. Go to www.dvoc.org for details, and contact one of them if interested.


Thursday, February 2nd – Robert DeCandido, PhD – “Asia Birds from West to East and Back Again”

Thursday, February 16th – Keith L. Bildstein, PhD - “Raptor Migration in the Neotropics: Patterns and Consequences”

Thursday, March 2nd – David S. Wilcove – “Can We Really Save America’s Endangered Species?”

Archives: Lynn Jackson mentioned that there copies of some old Cassinias at the front desk, with prices marked for sale.


Paul Guris mentioned that See Life Paulagics is running a whole series of winter and spring pelagic trips. Go to www.paulagics.com.

Gabe Johnson announced that he, Sandra Keller, and Rob Hynson were going to North Carolina in June. If interested, contact one of them for details.

Chris Walters gave the results of the Philadelphia Midwinter Bird Census. A total of 100 species were observed.

Chris announced that Jan Gordon will chair the newly formed East Park Reservoir Committee.

Debbie Beer will become the new chairperson of the Conservation Committee.

Al Kronscnabel is still undergoing rehab at Deer Meadows Nursing Home in Philadelphia.

Palmyra Cove Nature Park will have a program on Climate Change on February 21st at 7:00 PM. Palmyra is also looking for volunteers to conduct classroom sessions on Birding Basics. Contact Clara Ruvolo at cruvolo@bcbridges.org.

Scott Wiedensahl has written a book titled, “ Return to Wild America: A Yearlong Search for the Continent’s Natural Soul. He will be giving a lecture dealing with the topic at the Lower Merion Conservancy on February 9th.

Dino Fiabane met Jesse Grantham in California. Jesse has shipped us some books, the proceeds of which are to be earmarked for Purple Martin projects.

Local Notes:

Nikolas Haass, Win Shafer & Raja Stephenson saw the “Bullock’s Oriole” in Bethlehem on January 14th. The consensus is that it’s a hybrid.

Paul Guris is still getting 15-20 Purple Finches per day at his feeder in Green Lane, Pa.

Erica Brendel had a first-ever Black-capped Chickadee at her feeder in Philadelphia.

Chuck Hetzel reported that he and Mike Fritz had 14 “Ipswitch” Savannah Sparrows at Stone Harbor Point on Sunday, December 18th, as part of the Cape May CBC. It is thought that the guano from the tern colony might be providing fertilizer for the grasses the sparrows are feeding upon.

Doris McGovern found a Northern Saw-whet Owl at the John Heinz NWR at Tinicum on the day AFTER the Philadelphia Midwinter Bird Census.

Don Jones, Augie Sexauer, Don Jones & Lydia Reichner recently saw a Eurasian Wigeon, Western Grebe, & female Barrow’s Goldeneye in the Sandy Hook area.

Surprise! Surprise! Chris Walters, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, produced a yard-long replica of the annual Endowment Fund check. He ceremoniously presented the check to pinch-hitter Bill Murphy.

Ornithological Studies # 1: Rick Mellon gave an intriguing presentation about a bird he and Bill Stocku saw in Arizona on January 27th, 1997. Rick realized in retrospect that he had probably seen a Mountain Trogan in the ABA area.

Ornithological studies #2: Bert Filemyr gave a presentation named “Bird Color Quiz”. When he asked the audience who had guessed that there were 17 species with “green” in their names, Chris Walters enthusiastically raised his hand. Chris was “red-faced” when he was told that he was WRONG!

Program: Frank Hass gave a superb presentation titled, “Adak, Gambling on Birds. Al Driscoll was incredulous that the people on Adak were actually using a modern invention called a “flush toilet”.

Respectfully submitted,
Frank Windfelder, Secretary