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Minutes of the DVOC
February 18, 2010

President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order at 7:33. Twenty-three members and five guests were present. The minutes of the February 4th meeting were accepted as submitted.

Frank introduced a new applicant, Nathaniel Sharp.


Field Trips: Bob Horton conducted the trip reports and announcements:

Trip Reports:

February 13-15 Eastern Ontario, Canada. Bob Horton reported that although there were fewer species than on past trips, they were successful in seeing the Barrow’s Goldeneye and Northern Hawk Owl. In addition, a Snowy Owl and four Barred Owls were seen. The total species count was 70.

February 15 North Shore, NJ. Sandra Keller’s report shows that 47 species were seen during four hours of birding. The trip was shortened due to the weather. A large variety of waterfowl species were seen in both the ponds and ocean, including thousands of Brant in Shark River.

Trip Announcements:
February 20 Indian River Inlet and points north, DE. Led by Martin Selzer
Join us as we search for wintering waterfowl, gulls, seabirds and other late winter visitors.
February 20 Photography trip to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, NJ. Led by Steve Kacir. This field trip will focus on getting some good photographs of wintering gulls and waterfowl at Barnegat Light.
February 27 Delaware City, DE. Led by Colin Campbell. A morning trip around the freshwater ponds can be very productive.

Conservation: Chair Phil Witmer announced it is your last chance to recommend an organization to receive funds from our World Series fund raising efforts. Phil also suggested visiting the website for the American Bird Conservancy at www.conservationbirding.org.

Witmer Stone Sanctuary: Linda Rowan announced that the renaming of a portion of the Cape May Point State Park to the Witmer Stone Sanctuary has the backing of the Superintendent of the park and the Superintendent is forwarding the request on to the District Office. We need to continue fundraising to cover the cost of the signage. Our immediate goal is $2000 to cover the cost of the first two signs. The final goal is $10,000 to cover the costs of all of the signs.


Art McMorris announced the next three upcoming programs.

The Program on March 4 will be Julie Hagelin, presenting “Tales from a Tangerine-Scented Seabird: Sex, Perfume and Parasites of Crested Auklets” Those who have been close to a Crested Auklet breeding colony know that these unusual birds smell like freshly-peeled tangerines, but no one has taken this observation as far as Dr. Julie Hagelin, Assistant Professor of Biology at Swarthmore College.

The Program on March 18 will be Win Shafer presenting “Birds of the Appalachian Trail.” DVOC member Win Shafer and his son Blake (AKA Birdman and Li’l Wayne) spent 4 1/2 months in 2009 through-hiking the entire 2175 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mt. Katahdin, Maine. Being in the mountains and woods in many different life zones during spring migration afforded incomparable opportunities for bird observation. Win will give a travelogue of his unique adventure and birding experience.
The Program on April 1 will be Bud Cook presenting “Birds of the Boreal Barrens of Northeast Pennsylvania” The Pocono plateau in northeastern Pennsylvania embodies the region’s boreal heritage, harboring species tolerant to cooler temperatures reminiscent of its glacial past. The bird life has a decidedly northern flavor, including many species that are rare or absent elsewhere in the state.
Art also announced the upcoming Ornithological Studies.

3/4 - "Eye-arcs and Orbital Rings" - Frank Windfelder.
3/16 -"In the Field: Bonaparte's Gulls and Black-headed Gulls" - Bert Filemyr
4/1 -"Nesting Strategies of the Little Guys with the Big Guys" - Chris Walters


Frank Windfelder announced that Jason Loghry has resigned as the editor of Larus. We are looking for someone to replace him as editor.

The ABA is planning a Bird Fair at the Valley Forge Convention Center on April 1-3, 2011 and has asked the DVOC to participate. Club officers will meet with the ABA representative within the next two weeks to learn more.

Frank announced that Linda Rowan and Mick Jeitner are Co-chairs of the Witmer Stone Sanctuary Committee.

Local Notes: Tom Reeves reported that on a recent visit to Tyler Arboretum, PA, he only had 15 species of birds.

Frank Windfelder reported that on his visit to Pennypack on the Delaware, PA., he observed the pair of Bald Eagles changing places on eggs, both on 2/9 & 2/13.

Linda Rowan reported many sparrows along the edges of the roads in Tyler State Park, PA, due to the excessive snow. She also noted a good variety of woodpeckers.

Bob Horton reported a good variety of waterfowl at the Hamilton-Trenton Marsh in Trenton, NJ.

Speaker Doug Gross reported both Eastern Meadowlarks and returning Red-winged Blackbirds in Columbia County, PA.

Marty Dellwo reported a Cooper’s Hawk at 23rd Street and Walnut in Philadelphia, PA

Todd Fellenbaum reported 4 Fox Sparrows, 4 Tree Sparrows, a Brown Thrasher and a Red-shouldered Hawk at Tinicum (John Heinz NWR), PA.

Main Program:

Doug Gross presented a program entitled “Recovery of Endangered Birds in Pennsylvania: the Birds, the Process, and New Challenges”.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:03 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Horton, Secretary