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Minutes of the DVOC
February 6, 2014

Minutes of the DVOC Meeting of 6 February 2014
The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
President Phil Witmer called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Twenty-three members and 3 guests were present. Guests included: Kim Sheridan, Mary Johnson & her husband Doug.
The minutes of the 16 January 2014 meeting were approved as submitted.

Committee Reports

Bonnie Witmer reported that Colleen Stepanic is now a member, as is Harold Sweetman who was given a gift membership. Sweetman is the director of Jenkins Arboretum.



New Bins for New Birders (NB4NB):

Bob Billings Big Year:

Phil Witmer raised the issue of using the DVOC Facebook group to get word out on conservation issues.
He noted that a bill called “sportsmans” bill, would eliminate the EPA’s ability to limit lead in hunting/fishing equipment. Lead of course is bad for birds, fish, etc. and Phil recommended that members contact their reprensentatives regarding this bill and tell them about our disappointment that bill has passed congress. It has not yet passed the senate.

Field Trips:
Tony Croasdale noted that the upcoming North Shore NJ, Feb. 17th president day trip. Leader, Sandra Keller said “it’s going to be good, we’ll hit Manasquan, and meet at Shark River Inlet on Ocean Drive at 10am. February is good time for rarities.”
Tony noted that on February 22 Martin Seltzer will lead a trip to Indian River Inlet and that in March Chris Walters will lead a Barnegat Light trip. From March 8-9, Tony will lead a trip to Tussy Mountain, outside of State College to try and see Golden Eagles.

Chair/Vice President Steve Kacir noted that the next meeting is February 20th, at Palmyra Cove Nature Center and the speakers will be Scott Whittle & Tom Stephenson, speaking on the ID points of Wood Warblers.
Following that on March 6 Robert DeCondido will present on “The Vultures of Nepal”.
On March 20, Deb Allen will speak on “Birding Central Park Through the Seasons.”

Trip Reports:

Marty Dellwo mentioned that Paul Guris’s niece entered a cake competition, with a cake decorated in birds. The competition is 10am- 2pm at Zoo on Feb. 15th.
Al Driscoll offered a copy of “Birds of the World” by Singer, for $5 with these proceeds going to DVOC.
Phil Witmer put in a plug for the Great Backyard Bird Count, Feb. 15-18, encouraging members to participate. He also encouraged folks to sign-up for the 2014 Billings Competition. Thus far Phil and George Armistead are participating.
Linda Widdop: Asked when members would learn of the winner for ’13 Billings.

Local Notes:
Linda Widdop summarized the recent pelagic out of Freeport, Long Island which was fantastic with flat waters, 230+ Common Murres, 225 Dovekie, lots of Razorbills, Fulmars, and a distant Skua sp. A dead Razorbill was collected for ANSP collection.
Tony Croasdale suggested members head to Avalon, NJ for a great scoter show, where there 800+ scoters of all 3 sp. And vocalizations are heard frequently. Best viewing is from the 8th st seawatch and nearby there has been a Snowy Owl on the Osprey platform there.
Sandra Keller noted a King Eider at Avalon as well.
Marty Dellwo mentioned that he’d looked for the Smith’s Longspur at Stone Harbor, NJ with no luck. But did see 12 Horned Grebes at Nummy Island as well as Red-necked Grebe and the continuing Common Murre in Wildwood. He noted how Frank Windfelder has been seeing 2 Short-eared Owls at POD (Pennypack on the Delaware). Marty recently saw a Red-necked Grebe, Canvasback and Redhead at the Phila. Navy Yard, a good Common Goldeneye show at Glen Foerd, and Glaucous Gull at POD.
Colleen Stepanic noted a Long-eared Owl at Heinz NWR, the previous Monday, “right across from the ‘penis’ tree”.

Main Program
Debbie Beer: "Birding Morocco - Wings on the Edge of the Sahara"

The meeting was adjourned at 8:48pm.

Respectfully submitted,
George L. Armistead, Secretary