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Minutes of the DVOC
March 6, 2014

President Phil Witmer called the meeting to order at 730PM. There were a total of 31 attendees including guests Kim Sheridan, Paulo Boute, and speakers Deb Allen and Robert DeCandido.
The minutes of the 6 February 2014 and 20 February 2014 meetings were approved as submitted.

Committee Reports

Committee chair Bonnie Witmer announced that applications from Rick Wright and Leland Graves were approved by council, and that a new application had been received from Jason Waander

Editor Dave Long noted that the next issue 74/75 would be a double issue to get us caught up through 2013. A fall publication date is expected.

No Report.

Youth Birding:
No Report.

Vice president Steve Kacir announced the next meeting’s speaker would be Deb Allen speaking on “Central Park Birds Through the Seasons”, and that on 3 April the club will host a talk given by treasurer Bert Filemyr titled "Hosting a Wintering Hummingbird". Steve noted that the Warbler workshop to be held on 26 April with Scott Whittle & Tom Stephenson was in need of a couple more leader and asked for volunteers to contact him.

Orn Studies:
No Report.

New Bins for New Birders (NB4NB):
No Report.

Bob Billings Big Year:
Committee chair Art McMorris announced the winners of the 2013 Billings award was a tie between Patty Rehn and Linda Widdop. And the 3 April meeting will be attended by Mrs. Billings, and will include a summary of the year’s birding from both Patty and Linda.
The deadline for announcing participation in 2014 is 31 March.

Chair Phil Witmer noted the latest on House Bill 1576, and noted how the Paton’s Birder Haven in Patagonia, AZ has been preserved through the efforts of Tucson Audubon, American Bird Conservancy, and Victor Emmanuel Nature Tours.

Field Trips:
Committee chair Tony Croasdale announced upcoming trips to Tussey Mountain where up to 30 Golden Eagles may be seen in a single day some times. This year’s trip is the 2nd wkend in March as this is prime time for Golden Eagles.

Trip Reports:
No report

Paul Guris announced an upcoming pelagic adventure about the “Searcher” out of San Diego, CA. Secretary George Armistead announced that Friends of Heinz NWR were holding a Darby Creek Clean-up on 26 April. Phil Witmer noted the recent passing of council member Win Shafer’s father. Phil also announced a generous gift of support from Rob Bierregard’s wife for Cassinia. And he also announced that on 22 March there is a free film event on birds at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Maryland.

Local Notes:
Bonnie Witmer noted a Cooper’s Hawk in the Witmer yard. George Armistead reported Marr Sharp’s discovery of Cackling Goose at FDR Park.

Rob Bierregaard presented information on his project tracking Osprey migrants called “Osprey Trax.”

Trustee’s Report
No report

Main Program
Steve Kacir introduced the evenings speaker Robert DeCandido who spoke on “Raptor Migration in Nepal (and Vultures too)”.


The meeting was adjourned at 855pm.
Respectfully submitted,
George L. Armistead, Secretary