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Minutes of the DVOC
April 17, 2014

Held at Heinz NWR

President Philip Witmer called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
This particular meeting is a joint venture between DVOC and Friends of Heinz National (FOH) of Heinz National Wildlife Refuge.

Phil recommended that we forego the approval of minutes until George Armistead returns.

Phil asked that all guests sign in. Due to their large number of guests, Phil asked the guests to all to stand up in order to be welcomed to the meeting by membership.

There was a total of 85 people in attendance at the meeting.

Phil announced that we have an abbreviated meeting in order to get to the main program.

Conservation Committee:
Phil announced that HB 1576 has been sent back to committee for revision and will be re-sent to the full House in the future.

Phil Witmer announced that he has information about an employee search in a related field, so please contact him if you are looking for a job.

Phil announced that we will not have a DVOC World Series of Birding Team this year. He noted that recognition that it is a huge commitment and it has been difficult to find enough people to have a team this year.

Tri-State Bird Recue and Research will be holding their annual Open House on Saturday May 4th, 2014.

There were no Local Notes or further Announcements in order to get directly to this evening’s program.

Steve Kacir introduced Scott Whittle and Tom Stephenson, authors of “The Warbler Guide”. He stated that the authors had just participated in a “Photography Big Day” and came in with photographs of 209 species.
He thanked Debbie Beer and FOH for their collaboration with DVOC in setting up the “Warbler Workshop Weekend”. The talk tonight on “Identifying and Learning Vocalizations” kicks off the weekend.
The next two parts of the weekend are as follows:
Saturday 4/26/14 Scott and Tom will guide a Warbler Walk in Belleplain State Forest, NJ. This guided bird walk puts to practice the tips and skills learned in the evening program. ?
Location: Meet at the Mauricetown Crossway Road Wawa (near the intersection of Route 347 and 47)?Wawa Food Market?3904 New Jersey 47?Dorchester, NJ 08316
Meeting time: 6:45 AM.

Sunday 4/27/14 numerous guided walks will be led at Heinz NWR. Volunteers from FOH and DVOC are leading these walks.

Location: Heinz NWR
Meeting time: 8:00 AM

The formal part of the meeting was adjourned at 7:12 PM to begin the talk by Scott Whittle and Tom Stephenson.

Respectively submitted by:
Bonnie Witmer (in George Armistead’s absence)