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Minutes of the DVOC
May 1, 2014

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
President Phil Witmer called the meeting to order at at 730 PM.
A total of 32 people were present, including 8 guests.

Committee Reports

No Report.

No Report.

No Report.

Youth Birding:
Committee member Anita Guris passed on information on the DVOC youth scholarship for the American Birding Association’s Camp Avocet by DVOC Council, noting that applications were being received, and that the winner would be announced in June.

Orn Studies:
No Report.

New Bins for New Birders (NB4NB):
No Report.

Bob Billings Big Year:
No Report.

No Report.

Field Trips:
Steve Kacir promoted his upcoming Rail trip to Delaware Sat. May 3rd that departs at 330am (!). The main target being King Rail in 1000-acre marsh by the reedy point bridge.
He also noted that on 12 May Sandra Keller would lead a field trip in Gloucester County, on 17 May Martin Seltzer will lead a field trip at Brandywine Creek State Park, and that also on the 17th Win Shafer will lead a trip to Ridley Creek State Park.
Tony Croasdale reported that on his Bartram’s Garden birding Smackdown they had good attendance and good birds including Blue-headed Vireo, Northern Parula and Red-necked Grebe.
Steve Kacir reported that on the Warbler workshope at Heinz NWR they enjoyed sightings of the Great Horned Owl at its nest, and a1st year male Hooded Merganser too.

Steve Kacier noted that next meeting Martin Seltzer will present on “Tanzania Birding and Wildlife” and that at the meeting after that Doug Goodall will present “Costa Rica - Nature's Paradise”.

Trip Reports:
No report

Phil Witmer congratulated all involved in organizing and all who participated in the warbler weekend workshop with Scott Whittle and Tom Stephenson.
Anita Guris announce the selling of the copies of the movie: Birder’s Guide to Everything for $15. She has 75 copies with all proceeds going to youth birding program.
Bob Mercer solicited volunteers for the May 10 migratory bird count.
Chris Walters freshly back from birding the upper coast of Texas recommended it highly to all members encouraging visits in particular to High island, Anahuac NWR and Bolivar flats.
Bonnie Witmer noted that there are a number of plants sales this weekend including those Jenkins Arboretum and Hawk Mountain.

Local Notes:
Matt Halley reported that along Cresheim Creek/Devil’s Pool he’d seen Pine and Palm Warblers, and two Louisiana Waterthrushes.
Bob Mercer reported his 2nd House Wren of the season this morning and a Cooper Hawk nest near his house.
Phil Witmer noted his 1st hummingbird of the season that he’d seen a Rose-breasted Grosbeak for about a week now.

Trustee’s Report
No Report.

Main Program
Matthew Halley - Population genetics and behavioral studies reveal the complex social life of the Veery (Catharus fuscescens), a secretive migratory songbird.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:18pm. The usual suspects then assembled at Cherry Street Tavern.
Respectfully submitted,
George L. Armistead, Secretary