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Minutes of the DVOC
September 18, 2014

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

President Phil Witmer called the meeting to order at 7:34 PM.
Total present:
26 members plus 3 guests were present. Guests included:
Lena Hunt
John Cope
John King
Sally Creighton

Committee Reports
Phil Witmer: Welcome Diane McNamara as club’s newest member.
Barbara Granger: Noted that she and editor Dave Long have received a good supply of articles for upcoming 2010-2013 issue, and that editing is underway.
No report
Youth Birding:
No report
Orn Studies:
No report
New Bins for New Birders (NB4NB):
No report
Bob Billings Big Year:
No report
Phil Witmer: George Armistead is named new chair of the conservation committee.
Also, Kestrel box project at Green Lane, is about 2/3 of the way funded. The deadline for contributions is October 15th.
Mike O’Brien volunteered to contribute nest-boxes for the project.
Field Trips:
Tony Croasdale: Noted upcoming trips on Oct. 18 to Tuckerton for marsh sparrows, and Oct. 25 to Bombay Hook and Prime Hook led by Matt Halley. Field trips are thin for the remainder of the fall, and we could use a few more volunteers to lead trips.
Steve Kacir: Tony Croasdale will present on Oct. 2nd on Punk Birding. And at the meeting after that Steve and Laura Huber will present a talk on birding the Everglades called “Birding the Glades”.
Trip Reports:
No report
George Armistead: Encouraged everyone to attend the ABA Members Meeting this Sunday in at 3pm in Delaware City. Also noted that he will need help keeping the minutes at the next 2 meetings as he’ll be travelling.
Steve Kacir: The club photo contest will be underway soon, and deadline will be announced shortly. Please get your photos prepped and ready for the same categories as last year.
Mike O’Brien: PA Audubon is having a festival related to their birdtown project later this month at Green Lane Park.
Gregg Gorton: LSU is having a “big day” fundraiser for their ornithology department. Their goal is to set a new Big Day record in Peru. The date is set for Oct 15th. Team members include Dan Lane, Mike Harvery, Glenn Seeholzer, and Fernando Angulo.
Barbara Granger: Notifications for the banquet will go out soon. Our speaker will be Katrina van Grouw “The Unfeathered Bird”. Phil Witmer added that Bonnie Witmer is accepting photos for the montage-slideshow at the banquet.
Phil Witmer: Saturday is the Cradle of birding festival at Heinz NWR. He asked all to come and be part of the festivities. Tony, Barbara, Gregg and others will be on hand helping out, and Anita and Paul Guris will be at the next table over representing Nikon.
Vincent Nichnadowicz: A new Christmas Bird Count will be undertaken this winter at Island Beach State Park.
Mike O’Brien: This year is the 40th anniversary for Atlantic Audubon, and they have a celebration next Weds at 6:30pm.
Local Notes:
Bert Filemyr mentioned the now well-known ABA Area Code 5 Whiskered Tern present at Cape May, NJ since Sept. 12th. This is the 3rd record for the ABA Area. The previous two were also first detected at Cape May. Bert also noted a decent Broad-winged Hawk flight over the last few days. He noted that quite a few settled in at dusk today and that there could be a good lift-off tomorrow.
Art McMorris: Added that the historic peak for Broad-winged Hawk at Hawk Mountain is Sept 17th, and he went there this year and saw 34 for the day. The all-time high count is ~12,000.
Matt Halley: Found his lifer Connecticut Warbler at River Bend Env. Center this week. He also saw an Osprey perched in Disc Golf Course in Fairmount Park.
Paul Guris: Reported on the recent pelagic out of Cape May. It was an overnight trip that tallied Band-rumped Storm-Petrels, Long-tailed Jaegers (light morph), Cuvier’s Beaked Whales, and Short-finned Pilot Whales.
Trustee’s Report
No Report.
Main Program
Rob Hynson presented on the birds and birding of Australia in his talk called “Birding Down Under”.


The meeting was adjourned at 922pm.

Respectfully submitted,
George L. Armistead, Secretary