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Minutes of the DVOC
February 5, 2015

President Phil Witmer called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM.
Total present:
28 members and 2 guests were present. Guests included:
Dennis Miranda, David Hewitt, and Margaret Rohde.
The minutes of the 22 January 2015 meeting were approved as submitted.

Committee Reports

Bonnie Witmer announced a new application from Carolyn Friedman, and welcomed Sally Creighton & Karen Schwager as the club’s newest members.
She also recommended that folks take DVOC business cards to hand out at various events, bird walks, meetings, etc.

No report.

No report.

Youth Birding:
No report.

Orn Studies:
No report.

New Bins for New Birders (NB4NB):
No report.

Bob Billings Big Year:
No report.

No report.

Communications committee:
Linda Widdop announced the formation of the Communications Committee, and how it held its first meeting, during which the committee formalized the club’s logo (recently redesigned by Shawneen Finnegan), and the committee discussed the multiple styles required for the club’s various uses. Also discussed were updates to the main club website, and the web design of the BirdPhilly site.
Also, as an experiment, Linda tested out a virtual presentation of the club meeting this evening. She set up a webcam so that Anita Guris, Steve Mattan and Patty Rehn could watch a webcast of the meeting from their home. If this works well and proves little work to manage, the club may do this more often to allow more remote members, and others who cannot be physically present to continue to see what’s happening at meetings.

125th Anniversary:
Barbara Granger spoke about the club’s annual banquet which this year will feature a celebration of the club’s 125th Anniversary. She mentioned that Anita Guris was working on securing a site and asked folks to stay tuned as there are some interesting and fun ideas relating to the banquet coming up.

Field Trips:
Tony Croasdale mentioned that on Sat 7th the second BirdPhilly walk will take place at Pennypack on the Delaware, and how following that the group will then head for Glen Foerd. The group will plan to enjoy views of the Bald Eagle nest, and hopefully some good sparrows sightings. Later they will check for “Shrimpy”, the Lesser Black-backed Gull at Pleasant Hill Park. Tony also mentioned that folks should look out for Sandra Keller’s annual trip to Shark River Inlet on February 16th.
Erica Brendel mentioned that for this year the trip to Montauk, NY is cancelled.

Steve Kacir noted that the next meeting’s speaker is Rick Wright and that the meeting will be at the Palmyra Nature Center. Rick’s talk is titled, "The Originals: Reading the First Descriptions of North American Birds". On March 5th Dan Small will present a talk titled, "Native Grassland Restoration and Bird Studies at the Chester River Field Research Station".

Trip Reports:
No report


Phil Witmer inquired if anyone had any news on the condition of Denis Brennan since his accident condition, as there are no recent updates on his webpage.

Al Driscoll offered for sale Eliot Porter’s Book on the Birds of North America, with the proceeds going to the DVOC.

Gregg Gorton spoke on his post to the DVOC Blog about “Tinicum’s Most Famous Bird”:
In it he mistakenly referred to the late Dick Nugent, and wanted to let everyone know that was incorrect, and that the post would be corrected.

Dennis Miranda noted that he would be participating in the upcoming World Series of Birding, and that he is in search of teammates for a statewide run in New Jersey.

Anita Guris in virtual attendance by webcast (asked via Linda Widdop) that folks remember the upcoming pelagic trip out of Wildwood Crest this weekend which still has a few spots available.

Bonnie Witmer reminded everyone that the Great Backyard Bird Count ( was upcoming over February 13-16.

Mike O’Brien offered Bluebird houses for sale. Those interested in purchasing should note that all boxes are best erected by Mar. 1st. The charge is $35 for one of the Peterson ones; while the gray ones are $25. He is now taking orders. Proceeds are seed money for a retirement home garden club. He mentioned a need for binoculars too, which Tony Croasdale offered to help him with.

Local Notes:

Linda Rowan spoke on the Winter Raptor Survey she performed with others in Bucks County, which produced 33 Bald Eagles. They also had a Rough-legged Hawk.

Rick Mellon mentioned that in the same area, on Christmas Bird Count a total of 34 Bald Eagles were tallied as they were all seen at a single roost site, by the Penn Warner Club.

Mick Jeitner noted some nice backyard birds including a Fox Sparrow, a towhee, and a Sapsucker.
Dino Fiabane: Mentioned that in Burlington County, NJ, among a large flocks of geese, Tom Bailey had found an amazing 2 Pink-footed Geese in Southampton Township.
Main Program

Past President Don Jones gave a great presentation on his “Sixty Years in the field” which included many fascinating notes on the club, several of its prominent members, and a number of wonderful bird recordings.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:03pm. The usual suspects then assembled at Cherry Street Tavern.
Respectfully submitted,
George L. Armistead, Secretary