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Minutes of the DVOC
September 24, 2015
The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

President Philip Witmer called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM.
20 members and 1 guest were present.

Committee Reports

New members include Kate Garchinsky, Brian Carpenter, David Woods, and Stephen F. Boyle.
No report.
No report.
Youth Birding:
No report.
Orn Studies:
No report.
New Binns for Birding:
No report.
Bob Billings Big Year:
No report.
No report.
Field Trips:
Matt Halley will lead a field trip to Sedgley Woods at 7 AM on September 19th. This is an area that isn’t birded by many, but has a lot to offer. This is the location where Sandhill Cranes were seen flying over last year. Keith Russell will lead a trip to Tacony Creek Park at 8AM on September 26. This can be a great warbler magnate. Tony Croasdale will lead a trip on The Delaware River Trail at Washington st. on October 3.
Steve Kacir announced that Art McMorris will be speaking on October 1st, at the next DVOC meeing about his work with Peregrine Falcons. His work has been instrumental in restoring the population of this falcon back to Pa. On October 15th Gregory George will talk about the Cerulean Warbler and its unfortunate decline.

Matt Halley will be talking at the American Philosophical Society Museum on October 7th. The event is called Thomas Jefferson: Birder and Chief. In this hour long talk, starting at 6PM, Matt will discuss Jefferson’s interests and contributions to American Ornithology.

Tony Croasdale is urging people to lead field trips. A lot of the previous trip leaders are hanging up their hats and new blood is needed. Just pick a trip, any time of year, and contact Tony with the information.

Tony Croasdale also announced his new position at Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, working at the Wissahickon Environmental center. You can’t have a better contact person in Parks and Rec to aid in the BirdPhilly cause.

Philip Witmer will be leading a walk at Lorimar Preserve on October 3rd in Chester county, west of King of Prussia.

Steve Kacir reminded everyone that the deadline for the photo contest is October 21st. He reiterated that it’s not just a photo contest, but an event to share your images with others. The judges are Marty Dellwo, Patty Rehn and Steve Matten.

Philip Witmer reminds of that the 125th Gala is right around the corner on October 10th, so get your tickets soon.

Local Notes:
Ann Reeves talked about the great birds that have been migrating through John Heinz NWR. Some have had the pleasure of seeing an Upland Sandpiper, American Golden Plovers, Common Gallinule, Western and White-rumped Sandpipers, and more. An Anhinga has even been frequenting the refuge.

Main Program:
Jane Henderson “California Hotspots”. Jane took us through years of travel memories and stories that she’s accumulated over time in California, “north of the big 5”. She’s visited places such as the Salton Sea, Anza Torrego, Joshua Tree, Mt. Shasta and more. Each place had a unique story.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:39 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Annie Reeves