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Updated Thursday, October 10, 2013
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Graphics on the DVOC Website Welcome Page
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The DVOC is always seeking appropriate images for use on our pages. For submission or further information contact

All images on the DVOC website are copyrighted by the individual photographer(s). Copyright permission has been granted by them for use on this website and no further use is permitted. Contact for additional information.

On the Welcome Page a visitor is presented with a random selection from a group of pictures showing birding locations.

Possible Welcome Page Graphics

Bosque del Apache NWR by Bert Filemyr

Bake Oven Knob by Adrian Binns

Fort Prince of Wales, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada by Erica Brendel

Barnegat Inlet Jetty by Bert Filemyr

Brownsville (TX) Dump Entrance by Bert Filemyr

Guanella Pass, Colorado by Bert Filemyr

Point Reyes Lighthouse by Bert Filemyr

Salton Sea by Bert Filemyr

Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas, by Bert Filemyr

San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, Sierra Vista AZ by Bert Filemyr

Anza Borrego Desert at Yaqui Well by Bert Filemyr

Big Bend National Park by Bert Filemyr

Ruby Mountains NV (home of the Himalayan Snowcock) by Bert Filemyr

New England coast by Bert Filemyr

Amherst Island Ferry by Bert Filemyr

Roosevelt Park by Adrian Binns

Portal Arizona by Bert Filemyr

Spruce Bog Trail, Algonquin Park, by Bert Filemyr

Hawk Mountain by Bert Filemyr

Niagara Falls by Bert Filemyr

Barnegat Lighthouse by Jane Henderson

Brigantine NWR marshes by Bert Filemyr

Shearness Pool at Bombay Hook NWR (Winter) by Bert Filemyr

Indian River Inlet, DE by Bert Filemyr

Cape Henlopen, DE by Bert Filemyr

Silver Lake, DE by Bert Filemyr

Bombay Hook NWR, DE by Bert Filemyr
Snow Geese at dawn

Concrete Ship, Cape May NJ by Bert Filemyr

Cape May Point, NJ by Bert Filemyr

Jake's Landing, NJ by Jane Henderson

Tybee Island, GA by Jane Henderson

Shark Valley along the Tamiami Trail, FL by Jane Henderson

Shark River Inlet, NJ by Bert Filemyr


John Hienz NWR at Tinicum, PA by Jane Henderson

Point Lobos, CA by Jane Henderson

Pigeon Point, CA by Jane Henderson

Morro Rock, CA by Jane Henderson

Anza Borrego, CA by Jane Henderson

Antonelli Pond, CA by Jane Henderson

The Boot at Boot Springs, Big Bend NP, TX by Jane Henderson

Neal's Lodges, Concan, TX by Jane Henderson

Roadside Rest, Patagonia, AZ by Jane Henderson

Saguaro in the desert, southeast AZ by Jane Henderson

Prime Hook NWR, DE by Bert Filemyr

Broadkill Beach Road impoundment, DE by Bert Filemyr

Sandy Hook Bird Observatory, NJ by Bert Filemyr

Dawn at Pirre Mountain Camp, Darien National Park, Panama by Jeff Holt

ANCON Field Station, Cana, Darien National Park, Panama by Jeff Holt

Rosy-Finch feeding station, Snowmass, Colorado by Bert Filemyr

Brielle Inlet, Brielle, New Jersey by Bert Filemyr