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Thomas Dougherty

I attended meetings back in the 1966-1969 time frame. I began birding in the later 1950's with no binoculars and birded for about 5 years without any. In the 1960's I met Johnny Miller at Tinicum and spent every day I could birding there at Tinicum. I lived in East Falls of North Philadelphia, and in those days you could take a bus and the subway surface car to 86th and Eastwick Street and from there I would walk to Tinicum Preserve. John Miller took me on as a sub-permit bander and I banded under his direction at Tinicum and Island Beach State Park (Operation Recovery) during the Fall in the 1960's. In 1969 I was drafted and spent a little over two years in the Army, then went to night school and re-entered the military, this time in the Air Force. I stayed as long as they promoted me, and retired after 33 years of active service in 2005. My hobby allowed me to bird all over hte world: Cambodia, Turkey, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and a few times in Iraq. Thanks for the opportunity to again express my interest in the DVOC.