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Lena Hunt

My interest in birds started in 3rd grade when I found the abandoned nest of a barn swallow one winter. I learned everything I could about the species, tried to hatch the long-frozen eggs in my bedroom with a desk-lamp, and first learned the word 'ornithology.' Throughout high school I worked in an indoor rainforest exhibit, caring for and teaching visitors about a variety of tropical birds and butterflies. I eventually went to college for biology, where I spent several years working on a project to protect endangered Least Terns from Crow predation on Venice Beach, CA. My first experience with 'birding' occurred when I traveled to Costa Rica as a TA for a Tropical Ecology course, and began actually looking for and identifying unknown birds. I'm currently a biology graduate student at Saint Joseph's University, and although I'm still relatively new to birding, it has been great to find a community of people excited about nature at the DVOC.


From Lena's 2014 application