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Susan Killeen -

Mystery Hawk at My Feeder Ornithological Study

I have always liked watching and feeding birds but it was not until 1997 when I actually began to "go birding." I was on assignment in Norway,and found myself hiking near Oslo on the weekends. That was not so exciting, so I bought a pair of Swifts, a Norwegian Fugler guide, brought along my dad's old Peterson guide and started to identify what I saw on my long hikes and trips to the fjords. Then I started to bird on my business trips to the UK or Raleigh NC, and began to go out with 'real birders' who taught me what to look and listen for. I knew I was hooked when I planned a vacation to Maine just to see the puffins. My goals: to see 100 species in my yard in a year and to match all of the birds that my dad ticked off in his 1956 Peterson guide.