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Kim Sheridan

I am an enthusiastic novice naturalist, with an interest in wildlife of all kinds. I volunteer at Heinz NWR and Tyler Arboretum. I'm also and amateur photographer and writer and have a nature blog called the (http://thewildedge.net).

I got my start watching birds at my backyard feeder in Havertown where I have lived all my life. In 2012, I started birding at Heinz, and have learned a lot thanks to the generosity of the wonderful leaders and birders there.

I have a special interest in the Pine Barrenes and Jersey Shore, so it's not surprising ducks and wading birds are among my favorites. I continue to be baffled by warblers and sparrows, My life's ambition is to someday see a black bear in the wild, and live to tell the tale - hopefully with photos!


From Kim/s 2014 application