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Donna Wilhelm

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"A lifelong student and lover of the natural world, with special interest in genetics, evolution and ecology of trees, wildflowers, ferns and fungi, I finally began to look at birds more carefully about ten years ago when Edie Parnum invited me to participate in a bird census in the Wissahickon section of Fairmount park near my home. The experience, which introduced me to so many species heretofore unnoticed by me in the bird population of Northwest Philadelphia, led to intriguing questions about environmental interactions between local birds and plants. So began my increasingly frequent forays to enjoy birds. In the last decade I've gone often to Delaware Valley and northern Pennsylvania birding sites and am a member of Wyncote Audubon. With Edie's encouragement, I've participated in several bird counts and a nesting bird census. In addition, I've enjoyed birding trips abroad to Scotland, Tanzania, Galapagos, and Costa Rica, with several Delaware Valley birders as companions.

While in the field, I'm often distracted by competing interests, whether to examine closely the buds, bark or flowers of a tree or to follow the birds flitting about its branches. But I've learned that these two interests, birds and botany, enhance each other, and are shared by others. I thank my DVOC friends, Edie Parnum, Dee Ann Smith and Joe Hudson for their patient instruction and encouragement, and for sharing their extensive knowledge of and passion for birds."


From Donna''s 2010 Application