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2011 World Series of Birding


Updated March 19, 2010

Click Here for a copy of our 2011 WSB Pledge/Donation Form

Contributions to DVOC are tax-deductible. The DVOC is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Each year DVOC pledges support to a local conservation project. The major source of our conservation funds is the monies raised by pledges and donations related to our record-setting World Series of Birding (WSB) team, the Nikon/DVOC Lagerhead Shrikes. DVOC also welcomes additional monetary donations to help us further our conservation efforts.

In past years, DVOC has supported such Conservation projects as: Bird Safe Glass Demonstration Efforts at John Heinz NWR at Tinicium, Rushton Farms Master Banding Station, Scott Weidensaul’s Saw-Whet Owl Banding & Telemetry on Kittatiny Mountain ridge, ornithological internships at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, providing mist nets to local banders, preserving a Great Blue Heron rookery with Montgomery County Lands Trust, and more.

This year, 2011, DVOC is thrilled to support the Publication of the 2nd Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas

DVOC members were a part of collecting the data for the atlas. Now we will be contributing toward its publication. This atlas will be the best yet. It will contain two full pages on each species. One page will contain distribution maps with comparisons to the last atlas, an invaluable conservation aid. The second page will have a picture and narrative analysis of population habitat and trends.

The Nikon / DVOC’s Lagerhead Shrike team members are experts in the game of “hit and run” birding. Nine times in the twenty-seven years of the competition a DVOC team has won the grand prize - the Urner Stone Cup (highest total species identified) nine times. The 2011 is composed of long-time captain Paul Guris plus Mike Fritz, Bert Filemyr and Zack Baer. They are as determined as ever to uphold their success in finding species and raising funds for conservation. Follow the teams adventure this year at their blog - http://nikondvoc.blogspot.com/

The Lagerhead Shrikes do their part; now it is YOUR turn. In order to support this worthy conservation project, we need everyone’s support in the form of pledges and contributions. Click Here for a copy of our 2011 WSB pledge/donation form. Please be generous in support of our conservation project. And give a copy of this form to a friend!

All checks should be made payable to the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club (DVOC) and mailed to our Conservation Committee at:

Philip Witmer, DVOC Conservation Chair
125 Hathaway Lane
Havertown, PA 19083-1517

Contributions to DVOC are tax-deductible. The DVOC is a 501(c)(3) organization.