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Jeff Holt - Chairperson
Bert Filemyr
Ed Finkel
Don Jones
Chris Walters

The archives of the DVOC are housed at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia PA.

Many items related to the history of the DVOC are on the History Page

History of the DVOC
  In commemoration of the 100th year of DVOC, member Phillips M. Street documented the history and accomplishments of our Club. This thirty-three page article has been broken up into multiple web pages for ease of reading. Click Here to access the article.

D.V.O.C. SPRING ROUND UP - May 10, 1953
  Page 1
  Page 2 (Large page)
  Page 3

"Local Notes" Binder
  The "Local Notes" binder was used in the 1940's and early 1950's to help keep track of interesting bird sightings reported by club members. The information was used to help the compiler write the year-end "Field Notes" section for Cassinia.

Although it is unsigned, the Field Notes Compiler during most of the years involved was C. Chandler Ross so it is likely he was the "keeper of the book" for most of it's existence.

The sightings have been transcibed and the original binder is now in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences.
  Page 1a - Common Loon to Shoveller (Large page)
  Page 1b - Wood Duck to Black Rail (Large page)
  Page 1c - Purple Gallinule to Caspian Tern (Large page)
  Page 1d - Black Tern to Tree Swallow (Large page)
  Page 1e - Bank Swallow to Cape May Warbler (Large page)
  Page 1f - Black-throated Green Warbler to Lapland Longspur (Large page)
  Page 2
  Page 3


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