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Black Tern to Tree Swallow

Transcribed by Lynn Jackson - Archivist

135 Black Tern Chlidonias nigra surinamensis 1941/1942 16-May Lake Ontelaunee, PA Poole  
        12-Sep Lake Ontelaunee, PA Poole  
      1942/1943 7/23 & 7/28 Corson's Inlet, NJ J. Rigby  
        9-Jul Ocean City, NJ J. Rigby  
      1945 8-Jul Ocean City, NJ J. Rigby 15
      1946 26-May Barnegat, {NJ} Goldstein  
        2-Jun Pymatuning Region, Hartstown, PA Miller & Reimann Nesting
136 Black Skimmer Rynchops nigra nigra 1942/1943 14-Jul Anglesea, NJ McDonald 35 with eggs
      1944 30-Dec Cape May, NJ Potter, Wayne Marshall & E.W. Marshall  
      1945 early Jan. Brooklyn, NY Kramer still present at Sewer Outlet
      1946 6/1 - 6/28 Great Egg Inlet, NJ J. Rigby approx. 200 breeding pairs
        6/1 - 6/28 Ocean City, NJ J. Rigby a few pairs at the Longport Bridge
        30-Dec Ocean City, MD Poole 3
137 Razor-billed Auk Alca torda 1941/1942 15-Feb Seaside Park, NJ Kramer dead
      1942/1943 1/31/43 Island Beach, NJ Kramer dead
      1945 21-Jan Island Beach, NJ Kramer dead
        23-Dec Cape May, NJ Potter  
138 Brunnich's Murre Uria lomvia lomvia 1941/1942 15-Feb Seaside Park, NJ Kramer dead
139 Dovekie Alle alle 1941/1942 3-Jan Beach Haven, NJ J. M. Cadbury dead
        22-Jan Point Pleasant, NJ Cutler  
        15-Feb Seaside Park, NJ Kramer 6 dead
      1942/1943 1-Jan Island Beach, NJ Kramer 22 dead, 1 alive
      1943/1944 23-Jan Island Beach, NJ Kramer 3 dead
        12/30/44 Cape May, NJ Potter live
      1945 21-Jan Island Beach, NJ Kramer 36 dead
        2/3 - 2/4 Brigantine, NJ Finkel  
        23-Dec Cape May, NJ Potter  
      1946 3-Feb Seaside Heights, NJ Lukens & Moul 3 dead
140 Eastern Mourning Dove Zenaidura macroura carolinensis 1941/1942 27-Dec Wissahickon Creek  {Phila., PA} Daly 150
      1942/1943 4-Feb Glenolden, PA Gillespie regularly
        31-Jan Ardmore, PA Groskin 18
141 Black-billed Cuckoo Coccyzus erythropthalmus 1945 3-Jun Parker's Creek, NJ Manners & Haines voice at night
      1946 16-Oct Lebanon Forest, NJ Gillespie  
142 Barn Owl Tyto alba pratincola 1941/1942 2-Nov Delaware City, DE J. M. Cadbury 4 young
        1-Jan Glenolden, PA Gillespie Jr. with young
        10-Jan Glenolden, PA Schmid young owls had left nest as an emaciated adult was found dead 
        1-Feb Moorestown, NJ Miller nesting under bridge
        21-May Swarthmore, PA Worth pair resident there have been driven out by small boys
        21-May Beverly, NJ Potter pair there driven out by fire
        21-May Glenolden, PA Gillespie young doing well
      1945 May Marlton, NJ J. Evans present for several days
      1946 June Phila., PA Goldstein 3rd & Wolf Sts.
          one banded at West Chester, PA in June 1941 - returned from Cranberry NJ - 1945  - Conway
143 Eastern Screech-owl Otus asio naevius 1946 11-May Wissahickon Creek  {Phila., PA} Goldstein & E. Kramer Red Phase
144 Great Horned Owl Bubo virginianus virginianus 1941/1942 24-Jan Meadowbrook, PA Miller dead
        1-Feb Beverly, NJ Miller nest with eggs
        12-Apr Meadowbrook, PA R. Miller  
      1945 7-Oct Rancocas, NJ Miller  
      1947 15-Mar Jericho Mountain, PA Reimann nest
        14-Feb Phila. Zoo, {Phila., PA} Ulmer nest first egg
        22-Mar Phila. Zoo, {Phila., PA} Ulmer hatched
        5-Aug Phila. Zoo, {Phila., PA} Ulmer one young practically indistinguishable from parents
145 Snowy Owl Nyctea nyctea 1941/1942 19-Nov Fox Chase, PA Ulmer  
        19-Nov Bucks Co., PA Ulmer  
        16-Nov Reading, PA Potter & Poole  
        12-Dec Brigantine, NJ Baily  
        20-Dec Holgate, NJ J. M. Cadbury  
        7-Jan Westfield, NJ W. B. E vans continuing record
        {recently} Chester Co., PA  & Maryland Conway  
        18-Jan Brigantine, NJ J. M. Cadbury attacking an oiled loon
        15-Feb Two Mile Beach, NJ Reimann, Miller & Callopy  
        1-Jan Newtown, PA H. T. Green  
        11/10 - 11/16 Sinking Spring, PA Poole  
      1942/1943 7-Dec Jenkintown, PA B. Cadbury SPCA
        2-Dec Beverly, NJ Street  
      1945 1-Jan Plymouth Meeting, PA J. M. Cadbury for J. H. Price  
        mid January Miquon, PA Arnett  
        20-Feb Paoli, PA McCann also reported another had been seen along Brandywine Cr.
        11/1 - 11/7 Winona, NJ Manners  
        25-Nov Beach Haven, NJ McDonald  
        week of 11/18 Tinicum, PA McDonald for Robinson one killed, another seen
        22-Dec York, PA Moul  
        mid December Reading, PA Gillen captured alive
        1-Nov Bucks Co., PA Nelson Hoy 1 dead
        6-Dec Sharon Hill, PA Nelson Hoy  
        23-Nov Essington, PA Nelson Hoy shot
        30-Nov Essington, PA Nelson Hoy shot
        13-Dec Essington, PA Nelson Hoy shot
        20-Nov Bucks Co., PA Nelson Hoy 2 seen
        14-Dec Sharon Hill, PA Nelson Hoy 1 seen
      1946 28-Jan Cottman St, Phila., PA Sivel  
        23-Mar Tinicum, PA Woolman  
        3-Mar Pennypack Park, PA Yoder  
146 Northern Barred Owl Strix varia varia 1942/1943 27-Dec Swarthmore, PA Bender & Debes  
        11-May Wissahickon Creek  {Phila., PA} J. M. Cadbury  
      1943/1944 26-Dec Meadowbrook, PA Sivel  
        3/11 - 4/5 Lansdowne, PA Carter  
      1945 5-Jan Chester Co., PA  Woolman  
      1947 28-Feb Wissahickon Creek  {Phila., PA} Berger  
147 Long-eared Owl Asio wilsonianus 1941/1942 8-Mar Ambler, PA J. M Cadbury 6
      1943/1944 14-Mar Ambler, PA J. M. Cadbury 10
        12/30/44 Morton, PA Carter  
      1945 6-Jan Newtown, PA W. M. Miller  
        2-Mar Ambler, PA Finkel  
        27-Feb Ambler, PA J. Cadbury 13
      1947 6-Mar Ambler, PA J. Cadbury  
148 Short-eared Owl Asio flammeus flammeus 1941/1942 19-Jun Fortescue, NJ Coman & Potter 3
        23-Sep Frankford, PA Miller  
        7-Feb Sharon Hill, PA Freyburger  
      1945 2-Dec Cape May, NJ Kramer, Finkel & Goldstein  
      1946 1-Jan Tinicum, PA E. H. & J. P. Rigby 5
        31-Aug Richmond, PA Miller  
        4-Sep Hereford Inlet, NJ Choate  
149 Saw-whet Owl Cryptoglaux acadica acadica 1943/1944 26-Jan Tuckerton, NJ Kramer dead
        4/16/44 Ambler, PA Gillin  (reported Mar. 1, 1945)  
      1945 14-Jan Camden, NJ Potter  
        5-Apr Ambler, PA Gillin    found feathers, bird apparently the victim of screech-owl
        2-Dec Pennypack Park, PA Miller for Yoder  
        29-Nov Norristown, PA W. R. Middleton  
      1946 2-Feb Pennypack Park, PA Yoder  
        1-Dec Philmont C.C. , PA Finkel  
      1947 18-Nov Newtown Square, PA Crawford  
150 Chuck-will's-widow Antrostrom us carolinensis 1942 9-Aug   Hebard see NOTES
      1942/1943 18-May Morris Park, PA Kramer  
151 Eastern Nighthawk Chordeiles minor minor 1941/1942 14-Sep Germantown, {Phila}, PA J. Cadbury  
        14-Sep Bryn Mawr, PA Mohr one circling with an Osprey
        17-Sep Brookline, PA Mohr one following a Black-crowned Nigh-heron
152 Chimney Swift Chaetura pelagica 1941/1942 30-Mar West Chester, PA Conway  
      1943/1944 20-Sep Ardmore, PA Groskin estimate of 12,600 birds roosting in chimney
      1945 2-May Ardmore, PA Groskin 2700 roosting
        25-Jun Ardmore, PA Groskin & Mohr 164 entered chimney- no nests could be seen - 3 individuals collected were examined by Dr. Stabler and found to be non-breeding females with undeveloped eggs in the ovaries.
        22-Oct Ardmore, PA Groskin last day swifts were seen to enter chimney
      1946 15-Apr Lenni, PA Schwalbe  
        24-Jul Ardmore, PA Groskin 58 thought to be non-breeding adults
        31-Jul Ardmore, PA Groskin 206 - both adult and young
        10-Aug Ardmore, PA Groskin 500
        15-Aug Ardmore, PA Groskin 1200
        20-Aug Ardmore, PA Groskin 2200
        24-Aug Ardmore, PA Groskin 8400
        26-Aug Ardmore, PA Groskin 9500
        28-Aug Ardmore, PA Groskin 10,300
        31-Aug Ardmore, PA Groskin 8500
        17-Oct Gloucester, NJ Jacobs  
153 Ruby-throated Hummingbird Archilochus colubris 1946 6-Jul Pine Valley, NJ MacIntosh nest
154 Eastern Belted Kingfisher Megaceryle alcyon alcyon 1945 {no date} Haverford College, PA Baily wintering
155 Northern Flicker Colaptes auratus luteus 1941/1942 4-Jan near Belmar, NJ Corn  
156 Pileated Woodpecker Ceophloeus pileatus 1943/1944 9-Jun Wissahickon Creek  {Phila., PA} J. Cadbury at Kitchen's Lane
      1946 3/1 - 3/4 Germantown, {Phila}, PA J. B. Cadbury seen by Mrs, C.R. Cary
157 Red-bellied  Woodpecker Centurus carolinus 1941/1942 15-Mar Swarthmore, PA Schmid  
        18-May Cheyney, PA Schmid  
        5/9 + 5/16 West Chester, PA Conway  
      1942/1943 {no date} West Chester, PA Conway wintering
      19431944 13-Feb Wissahickon Creek  {Phila., PA} Kramer  
        6-Oct Haverford, PA Hastings  
      1945 9-May Glenolden, PA Freyburger  
        May West Chester, PA Martin   nested
        23-Dec Cape May, NJ Christmas Census  
      1946 7-May Wenonah, NJ Manners & McIntosh  
        16-Mar New Brunswick, NJ Batezel  
        {no date} Brandywine Creek, w. of West Chester, PA Conway summer - rare but regular
158 Red-headed Woodpecker Melanerpes erythrocephalus 1942/1943 {no date} Cheltenham, PA Curry summering
      1943/1944 29-Jun Juniata Park, {Phila} PA Miller  
        June Swarthmore, PA Harper breeding
        25-Sep Norristown, PA Middleton  
      1946 15-Jul Tookany Creek, Phila., PA Zaid nesting
      1948 15-May New Hope, PA Ross for Dallas  
        14-Mar Salem Co., NJ McMullen  
159 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Sphyrapicus varius varius 1941/1942 11-Aug Philadelphia, PA Mohr  
      1942/1943 21-Jan Ardmore, PA Groskin  
        {no date} West Chester, PA Conway wintering
        18-Feb Ardmore, PA Groskin  
      1946 10-Nov Andorra Nursery, {Phila} PA Finkel  
160 Eastern Kingbird Tyrannus tyrannus 1941/1942 26-Mar West Chester, PA Newman  
161 Arkansas Kingbird Tyrannus verticallis 1941/1942 25-Aug Lake Ontelaunee, PA Poole  
      1942/1943 15-Nov Cape May, NJ Kramer 3
      1944 12-Nov Cape May, NJ Kramer  
      1945 2-Dec Cape May, NJ Kramer, Finkel & Goldstein  
      1946 12-Oct Cape May, NJ Kramer  
        13-Oct Cape May, NJ W. R. Middleton  
      1947 14-Sep Cape May, NJ Choate  
      1948 19-Sep Penn Manor, PA Reynolds  
        26-Sep Pocono Lake, PA Street  
162 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Muscivora forficata 1942/1943 22-Nov Rothsville Potter for Sharpe This bird was erroneously reported in the 1942-1943 Issue of Cassinia as a Fork-tailed Flycatcher. Correction will be made in the 1943-1944 issue.
163 Northern Crested Flycatcher Myiarchus crinitus boreus 1945 29-Apr Burlington, NJ Miller  
164 Eastern Phoebe Sayornis phoebe 1941/1942 4-Jan near Belmar, NJ Corn  
        19-Mar Wissahickon Creek  {Phila., PA} J. M. Cadbury  
      1942/1943 26-Jan Westtown, PA Conway  
        14-Mar Springton Reservoir, PA J. Rigby  
      1944 30-Dec Cape May, NJ various observers  
      1945 2-Dec Pennypack Park, PA Miller for Yoder  
        21-Dec Lenni, PA Schwalbe  
      1946 7-Mar Haverford, PA Hastings  
        22-Dec Holmesburg, PA Reimann  
      1947 27-Dec Lenni, PA Schwalbe  
      1948 30-Jan Tinicum, PA Zaid  
        8-Jan Bryn Mawr, PA Livingston  
        11-Jan Wenonah, NJ W. R. Middleton  
165 Say's Phoebe Sayornis saya saya 1946 12/22 - 12/28 Lake Ontelaunee, PA Poole 4 or 5 previous eastern records
166 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Empidonax flaviventris 1946 12-May Rancocas, NJ Linton, Regan & Archer, Jr.  
        17-Sep Cape May, NJ Kramer  
      1947 15-May Fairmount Park, {Phila, PA} Livingston  
167 Acadian Flycatcher Empidonax virescens 1941/1942 25-Jun Wissahickon Creek  {Phila., PA} Bond nest
        30-Jul Pennypack Park, PA Yoder  
        30-Jul Wissahickon Creek  {Phila., PA} Bond watched the Acadian nest in the Wissahickon and discovered that t took the young birds twelve days to leave the nest
      1942/1943 13-Jun Haddonfield, NJ Potter nesting
        10-Jul Beverly, NJ Street 3 eggs - full set
      1947 6/1 - 6/21 Birdsboro, PA Poole first definite breeding record in many years
168 Alder Flycatcher Empidonax trailli trailli 1941/1942 25-Jun Chester, PA Conway probably nesting
      1942/1943 19-Jun Beverly, NJ Street 1st nesting - 4 eggs destroyed
        2-Jul Beverly, NJ Street 2nd nesting - 4 eggs destroyed
      1946 4-Aug northern Chester Co., PA Martin & Heed 2 singing
        30-May northern Chester Co., PA Martin & Heed  
        26-Sep Philadelphia, PA Zaid 59th & City Line Ave - seen and heard
      1948 June Ambler, PA J. R. Gillan nest and 3 eggs - possibly 1st nesting record for Montgomery Co., PA
169 Least Flycatcher Empidonax minimus 1941/1942 25-Jun Kintersville, PA Bond nest
        16-Jun French Creek, PA Weyl  
170 Olive-sided Flycatcher Nuttallornis mesoleucus 1941/1942 22-Aug Hart Reservation, PA Sehl  
        30-Aug Lorimer Park, PA Yoder  
        30-Aug Cape May, NJ Courtland White  
        23-May Moselem, PA Poole  
      1942/1943 23-May Lorimer Park, PA Sivel & Curry  
      1945 3-Sep West Chester, PA Martin  
        5/31 - 6/4 Glenolden, PA Gillespie bird continued until 7/4
      1946 15-May Chestnut Hill, {Phila} PA Hebard  
        4-Sep West Chester, PA Martin & Heed  
        12-May Media, PA Conway & McKirdy  
        6-Sep Cape May, NJ Zaid  
171 Eastern Wood Pewee Myiochanes virens 1941-1942 3-May Chester Co., PA Conway  
      1946 31-Mar Auburn, PA W. R. Middleton  
172 Prairie Horned Lark Otocoris alpestris praticola 1941/1942 20-Nov Frankford, PA Miller  
        {no date} Philadelphia, PA Reimann Bristol & "G" Sts. - nest, 3 eggs and a pair of birds in a gravel field of more than 50 acres, probably a first breeding record for Phila.
        6-Jul Two Mile Beach, NJ Coman adult feeding two young
      1942/1943 15-Nov Cape May, NJ Kramer  
        13-Jun Harrowgate, Phila., PA Miller nesting
        23-May near Glenolden, PA Gillespie  
      1943/1944 {no date} Harrowgate, Phila., PA Miller wintering
        11-Apr Harrowgate, Phila., PA Miller nest - 3 eggs on 4/14
        7-Jun Harrowgate, Phila., PA Miller nest ( 1 egg and 2 young)
      1945 15-Feb Chester Co.,PA Woolman  
        15-Feb Harrowgate, Phila., PA Miller  
        20-Apr Norristown, PA W. R. Middleton  
      1946 1-Jan Tinicum, PA Rigby Bros. 500
        25-Apr Richmond, PA Miller  
        28-Apr Mt. Holly, NJ Sprow  
        5-Apr Harrowgate, Phila., PA Miller Nest - 3 eggs, 2 young
        6-Apr Burholme, PA Miller nesting
        {no date} South Jersey J. Rigby breeding birds heard singing at many points- young birds being fed June 12
173 Tree Swallow Iridoprocne bicolor 1941/1942 20-Dec Holgate, NJ J. M. Cadbury 200
      1946 27-Apr Indian Mills, NJ Goldstein, Kramer & Reigner feeding close to ground with Barn & Rough-winged - 500 in all

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