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Field Trip Report

BOMBAY HOOK & Environs Field Trip, Sunday July 21, 2002

Leader : Martin Selzer
Number of Participants: 19

I know after last week, we both were concerned about there being any birds around but on both Saturday and Sunday there were birds to be seen in and around Bombay Hook.

It must have rained late last week because Raymond had 2-3 times the water in it compared to last weekend, it still is very dry. If the tide was out (Wyncote's trip) there was nothing but if the tide was in (DVOC) there were good numbers of Western, Least and Semi Sandpipers, both Yellowlegs, lots of S-B Dowitchers, a few Spotties and one Avocet. Both days we had a mangy fox kit near the parking area at Shearness. Bear Swamp had Pectorals, a Tri-colored Heron and both Yellow and Black crowned night-herons. The Yellow crown was a challenge on Saturday but more in the open (different perch on Sunday). We stopped for the Turk's Cap Lily you told me about on Saturday but it was fading fast. Fortunately, several were in bloom in their traditional habitat. We stopped both days.

Woodland Beach still had the most birds. Besides all of the above mentioned there were lots of Stilt Sandpipers and one Wilson's Phalarope that was seen
both days. After a quick lunch stop at the Aquatic Center, sitting down and
eating out of the sun was good, we went to Port Mahon Road. The tide was
going out and on the rocks by that first gut you come to were two
Oystercatchers (they weren't there on Saturday) so that was the second best
surprise of the day. The best surprise of the day was the several Wilson's
Storm-Petrels flying just off the beach there. Don't know if they were there
on Saturday but we hadn't seen them. Murphy found them. Up the beach were
lots of Sanderlings, some in pretty good plumage, Ruddy Turnstones and
Willets. The Iceland Gull was in its usual spot and Alan should have some
good pictures of it. We also had a few Royal Terns and one immature Common
Tern amongst the Forster's. We ended the day at Dover and could only come up
with a Meadowlark before we battled shore traffic coming home. Both days we
had lots of Indigo Buntings on the wires, a few Blue Grosbeaks and
Bobolinks. Both days we managed to miss the Black-headed gull at Bear Swamp
by minutes.