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Field Trip Report

SEPTEMBER 28, 2003

Seven participants attended the Carpenter's Woods field trip on September 28, despite overcast skies and the threat of rain.

The day began slowly and we actually left the woods for an hour because of a rain storm during which Erica Brendel graciously hosted us at her home two blocks away. After the rain ended the sun actually came out for short periods and we were rewarded with good looks at a number of species of warblers, vireos, thrushes and flycatchers, as well as an unexpected low flying Osprey that was no doubt forced down by the threatening skies. Only one winter bird (a sapsucker) was observed. Unfortunately we did not encounter any rarities, but given the rainy overcast conditions, and the fact that no fronts had passed for several days, we had a good day. Special thanks to Erica for saving the day by allowing us to hang out at her home during the rain.

Keith Russell