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Field Trip Report

DVOC Field Trip to Hawkins Road and Brightview Farm
May 18, 2003

This was the first rain-free trip to these locations in three years. However as we entered the woods the temperature was 37 degrees. There was little to no song. Many migrants present on Saturday (information provided by the Wyncote Bird Club) had apparently headed north. Seventeen participants joined the group although not all journeyed to Brightview Farm.

Despite the lack of song we had excellent looks at Louisiana Waterthrush, Hooded, Magnolia, and Canada Warblers, and Yellow-billed Cuckoo. We nearly dipped on Prothonotary Warbler despite there being six known banded males in the area. Finally we had excellent looks from the road itself. American Kestrel was seen enroute to Brightview. At the farm we had excellent looks at all the regulars (Eastern Bluebird, Bobolink, Grasshopper and Savannah Sparrows, and a very cooperative Eastern Meadowlark). A bonus was Lincoln's Sparrow (thanks to Wyncote's tip) and a Traill's Flycatcher (likely Willow from the lack of an eye-ring). However no Orchard Oriole was found there this year. Kentucky Warbler, a staple of previous trips, was neither seen nor heard at Hawkins Road.

Hawkins Road and Brightview Farm   5/18/2003 (6:00AM-1:00PM)
H=Hawkins Road
B=Bright View Farm
h=heard only

Great Blue Heron B
Canada Goose B 
Mallard H
Turkey Vulture H B
American Kestrel-on way to B Laughing Gull H B
Mouming Dove H B
Yellow-billed Cuckoo H
Ruby-throated Hummingbird H
Red-bellied Woodpecker H
Hairy Woodpecker H
Eastern Phoebe H
Eastern Kingbird B 
Great Crested Flycatcher HB h

Traill's Flycatcher *  B 
Blue Jay H

American Crow H B
Cedar Waxwing B
White-eyed Vireo H B
Red-eyed Vireo H
Eastern Bluebird B
Wood Thrush H B
American Robin H B
Gray Catbird H B
Northern Mockingbird B
Brown Thrasher H
European Starling H B
House Wren B

Carolina Wren H
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher H
Purple Martin B
Tree Swallow B
Bam Swallow H B
Carolina Chickadee H
Tufted Titmouse H B
American Goldfinch B
Blue-winged Warbler H
Northern Parula B h
Yellow Warbler B
Magnolia Warbler H
Pine Warbler H
Blackpoll H B

Black-and-White Warbler H American Redstart H
Prothonotary Warbler
Worm-eating Warbler H h
Ovenbird H
Louisiana Waterthrush H
Northern Waterthrush B h
Common Yellowthroat HB Hooded Warbler H
Canada Warbler H
Song Sparrow B
Lincoln's Sparrow B
Savannah Sparrow B
Grasshopper Sparrow B

Chipping Sparrow H B
Field Sparrow B h
Eastern Towhee H B
Northern Cardinal H
Rose-breasted Grosbeak H B
Indigo Bunting B
Baltimore Oriole B
Red-winged Blackbird B
Eastern Meadowlark B
Common Grackle H B
Brown-headed Cowbird H B
Bobolink B
House Finch B
House Sparrow B

* probably Willow on basis of little to no eye-ring