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Field Trip Report


JoAnn Raine and Chuck Hetzel led the Saturday grasslands walk for the DVOC on May 31. About 20 members arrived at 7:30AM and trekked over the hay fields and planted warm season grasses fields with Nathan Burns, manager of the grasses program. The hay plots are waist high and very wet with dew. Tree and Barn Swallows were hawking insects. Most stick perches had Eastern Kingbirds. We mostly saw Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackles fly from the grass. Finally an Eastern Meadowlark was spotted and heard singing from a high perch on the edge of the native grasses. We had seen 3 Bobolinks on Thursday but were unable to raise any today. The walk back to the Center via Creek Road produced lots of bird sound such as Blackpoll, Eastern Wood Pewee, Phoebe, Willow and Acadian Flycatchers and Warbling Vireo. Highlight of the walk occurred at the pond where a Red-shouldered Hawk was quietly perched on a snag watching the marsh for food. Thanks to all for coming out to a new area and helping with eyes and ears to survey the fields. 

JoAnn Raine