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DVOC/DOS Field Trip Report
by Frank Rohrbacher

Saturday March 20 , 2004

14 participants entered the Cherry Island Landfill after a week of rain with temperatures above freezing - think mud. To make things worst the dump authority have re-engineered the dump to make parking close to the gulls virtually impossible because of the one way one lane roads. Fortunately, the sludge area just west of the dump has been improved with the building of a large pond/mud field that have become a large, easy-to-observe gull resting place.

The pond was our first stop where we had excellent looks at a 1st winter Iceland Gull and several adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls. Then, Bill Murphy found an interesting gull working the waters edge about 100 yards out. The bird was visible for 5-6 minutes and all participants were able to study it. The feeling was that bird was a classic adult Thayer's Gull.

We probably should have quit while we were ahead because for the next few hours we sloshed about in the mud, saw a few more Iceland Gulls and many more Lesser Black-backed Gulls but try as we may we could not find a Glaucous Gull.

Frank Rohrbacher
Wilmington, DE

Gull Species Seen
Lesser Black-backed
Great Black-backed


Images by Bert Filemyr