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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Adrian Binns

Sunday September 18, 2004

Seven of us made the trip to Hawk Mountain on what turned out to be a gorgeous day following Ivan’s torrential rains of the previous day. The front came through as Ivan pulled off shore late in the day Saturday and the winds were out of the north, though they were very strong and I fully expected it to be a perfect flight day.

The first hour and half certainly got our hopes up with a steady flow of Broad-wings, occasionally in small kettles of anywhere from 4 to a dozen, followed by several larger ones of 20 to 50. By mid day some 280 had been counted and things began to get slow. With a cloudless bright blue sky and strong glare from the sun it made it hard to actually locate birds and I am sure that there could have been a great many that eluded us as they flew high overhead.

There was great excitement as 2 second year Bald Eagles were spotted coming towards us. Both took the same path, flying close by. A single Peregrine, several Red-tails, a probable Red-shoulder, small numbers of Kestrels, about 8 Osprey, several Cooper’s and small numbers of Sharpies rounded out those heading south, while 2 local Black Vultures and half a dozen Turkey Vultures added to the raptor list. A pair of Ravens made several appearances and skeins of Cormorants and Canada Geese were also spotted. Passerines included a Black-throated Green Warbler, Red-breasted Nuthutch, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Hermit Thrush and a group of Waxwings.

Now going back to that front that came through on Saturday afternoon while most of us were still at home feeling the effects of Ivan. Hawk Mountain had a big, with a capital B, afternoon……3000 Broad-wings, 174 Osprey and 23 Bald Eagles!!! The latter 2 species, one-day records!


~ Adrian Binns