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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Erica Brendel

May 21, 2006 (Sunday)
Carpenter's Woods


6 participants and your leader spent the morning from 6:30 AM until noon searching for birds, both migrants and breeders. The weather was beautifully sunny but cool and the birds were also slow to warm up. We saw and/or heard 35 species, including 11 species of warbler. The two pairs of Eastern Screech Owl known to be raising young in the Woods unfortunately failed to put in an appearance.
Highlights were excellent views of singing Blackburnians, Redstarts and a Scarlet Tanager. The most unusual migrant was a Wilson's Warbler who was elusive when first spotted by Rob, but eventuallysang enthusiastically from a low perch. Background music was provided by a half- dozen Wood Thrushes staking out territories. A fly-over Sharp-shinned Hawk temporarily quieted everything.
We saw a Robin feeding a tiny nestling, and a pair of very short-
tailed fuzzy Carolina Wrens just out of the nest, accompanied by an adult.
Not a very exciting migration day, but most of the regulars were there. Thanks to all who participated.