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DVOC Field Trip Report

March 4, 2006 (Saturday)
A GULL CHASE (Starting in Florence New Jersey)

Leader: Matt Sharp

The gull trip on Sat. March 4 was a blow-out literally speaking. There were no participants which was a good thing for them as there were no gulls either (relatively speaking). The Tullytown Landfill was apparently NOT receiving garbage this day and the only large numbers of birds were over the G.R.O.W.S. landfill and were inaccessible.

I was able to briefly spot 1 white-winged gull as it landed in a distant roosting flock, but was unable to ID it. 2 young Bald Eagles riding the wind and cavorting over the Tullytown landfill were the only birds of note from Florence.

I then headed to Franklin's Cove were there were 0 gulls. From there I headed to Falls Twp Park where there was a small group of a couple thousand birds, mostly Ring-bills, and Herring with a few Great Black-backed Gulls and 3 Adult Lessers, 1 3rd year Lesser and 1 1st year Lesser. There was also 1 apparently leucistic Ring-billed with normal plumage pattern only a shade or 2 paler than the surrounding birds.