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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Don Jones

MAY 14, 2006


Trip Report

The weather was overcast and about 55 degrees at the start. We walked to the footbridge and surprised a Louisiana Waterthrush which everyone eventually saw before it had a coronary looking for the intruder. While here a brilliant Prothonotary Warbler was very cooperative; no doubt this was the male from the nearby box that held five eggs on Thursday (per Augie Sexauer). Only 100 feet further we were entertained at close range by a Hooded Warbler. The Hooded Warbler today was singing his alternate song as much or more than the standard tawee tawee tawee TEE-O. Further down the trail a Worm-eating Warbler (seen by just a few) was totally unimpressed by the tape. We listened for Acadian Flycatcher near Little Creek to no avail. How ventriloqual Yellow-billed Cuckoo is was clearly demonstrated on the way out as we looked about 70 feet out for a singing bird that finally flushed from directly above us. As a first time bonus for this itinerary Rick Mellon provided botanical information and a discussion of rushes and sedges. I will be dividing his daily fee among all the participants when I receive it. For the third successive year we dipped on Kentucky Warbler-where have they gone?

Bright View Farm provided the usual grassland and edge birds-Boblink, Eastern Meadowlark, Savannah Sparrow, Eastern Bluebird, and both orioles. We nearly completed the second year in a row without a seen Grasshopper Sparrow (whereupon the leader would likely be fired by DVOC or at the bare minimum his stipend severely reduced). After walking the fields for 1 1/2 hours unsuccessfully listening for the beastie, one took pity on us as we were saying our good-byes and appeared near the visitor sign-in box providing everyone with a long, close and superb look.

Thanks to all who joined the foray. By my count we totaled 51 species for the day-somewhat low for the trip although migrants were totally absent as on the previous day during a NAMC. Misses for the day included Great Crested Flycatcher and Eastern Kingbird. If you find any omissions please let me know ([email protected]).


Participants (8/6):
Tom and Margo Sutherland
Peggy and Dino Fiabane
Butch Lishman
Bob Shaffer
Rick Mellon (Hawkins)
Al Driscoll (Hawkins)


Trip List

Great Blue Heron, B
Turkey Vulture, HB
Canada Goose, B
American Kestrel, B
Laughing Gull, HB
Mourning Dove, B
Yellow-billed Cuckoo, H
Red-bellied Woodpecker, H
White-eyed Vireo, Hh
Red-eyed Vireo, H
Fish Crow, B
American Crow, B
Tree Swallow, B
Barn Swallow, B
Carolina Chickadee, H
Tufted Titmouse, Bh
House Wren, B
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, H
Eastern Bluebird, B
Wood Thrush, HB
American Robin, B
Gray Catbird, B
Northern Mockingbird, B
Brown Thrasher, B
European Starling, B
Blue-winged Warbler, Hh
Yellow Warbler, Bh
Pine Warbler, H
Black-and-White Warbler, H
Prothonotary Warbler, H
Worm-eating Warbler, H
Ovenbird, H
Louisiana Waterthrush, H
Common Yellowthroat, Bh
Hooded Warbler, H
Scarlet Tanager, H
Chipping Sparrow, B
Savannah Sparrow, B
Field Sparrow, B
Song Sparrow, B
Grasshopper Sparrow, B
Northern Cardinal, Hh
Eastern Towhee, Hh
Bobolink, B
Red-winged Blackbird, B
Eastern Meadowlark, B
Common Grackle, HB
Brown-headed Cowbird, HB
Orchard Oriole, B
Baltimore Oriole, B
House Sparrow , B