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DVOC Field Trip Report
by Jeff Holt and Chris Walters

Riverwinds (West Deptford, NJ) and National Park Dredge Spoils
April 23, 2006 (Sunday)

After 36 hours of monsoon conditions, the rain stopped leaving an overcast and damp morning for the 8 participants to a half day trip to the Riverwinds complex in West Deptford, NJ and the National Park Dredge Spoils. In the parking lot at Riverwinds, we started well, scoring a Wood Thrush and Blue-headed Vireo. Walking the “Scenic Trail” loop, we tallied a nice number of Hermit Thrushes, Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Palm Warblers. Highlights from the trail included a White-crowned Sparrow and a flushed Northern Bobwhite. The notable miss was an Orchard Oriole reported by a group from the Gloucester County Nature Club.

From the trail we drove up to the complex proper where we found 2 Savannah Sparrows in the field behind the community center and two pairs of Gadwall in the retention pond, the later having bred successfully in 2005.

From Riverwinds, we traveled to the nearby National Park Dredge Spoils. While we limited our time to scoping the front pond, we nevertheless were treated to Pied-billed Grebe, American Coot and Common Moorhen, all three species being past breeders. In addition, we also recorded Blue-winged Teal. Despite the less then ideal weather, we had an excellent morning with 61 total species.