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Pictures from DVOC's Centennial Dinner
November 15, 1990
Held at the Academy of Natural Sciences

These pictures are from the 1990-1991 Cassinia

Click on any thumbnail for identification of people and a larger image

DVOCCentennial_001 DVOCCentennial_002
DVOCCentennial_003 DVOCCentennial_004
DVOCCentennial_005 DVOCCentennial_006
DVOCCentennial_007 DVOCCentennial_008
DVOCCentennial_009 DVOCCentennial_010
DVOCCentennial_011 DVOCCentennial_012
DVOCCentennial_013 DVOCCentennial_014
DVOCCentennial_015 DVOCCentennial_016
DVOCCentennial_017 DVOCCentennial_018