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D.V.O.C. SPRING ROUND UP - May 10, 1953

Transcribed by Lynn Jackson - Archivist

Species on all but one list: Green Heron       Black and white Warbler        
  Mallard       Parula Warbler        
  Turkey Vulture       Yellow Warbler        
  Kingbird       Blackpoll Warbler        
  Rough-winged Swallow       Baltimore Oriole        
  White-breasted Nuthatch       Scarlet Tanager        
  Yellow-throated Vireo       White-throated Sparrow        
Species on all lists: Killdeer   Catbird   English Sparrow    
  Mourning   Dove   Brown Thrasher   Meadowlark    
  Yellow-billed Cuckoo   Robin   Redwing    
  Chimney Swift   Woodthrush   Purple Grackle    
  Flicker   Starling   Cowbird    
  Crested Flycatcher   White-eyed Vireo   Cardinal    
  Phoebe   Red-eyed Vireo   Indigo Bunting    
  Barn Swallow   Myrtle Warbler   Goldfinch    
  Blue Jay   Ovenbird   Towhee    
  Crow   Yellowthroat   Chipping Sparrow    
  Tufted Titmouse   Carolina Wren   Field Sparrow    
  House Wren   Chat   Song Sparrow    
Species on ONE list: Glossy Ibis    (4)   Great Horned Owl  (1)   Cliff Swallow   (10)
  Ring-necked Duck   (11)   Chuck-will's-widow  (1)   Ruby-crowned Kinglet  (12)
  Oystercatcher  (6)   Red-headed Woodpecker  (3)   Palm Warbler   (12)
  Snipe  (3)   Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  (13)   Redhead   (1)
  Black Tern   (3)   Least Flycatcher  (10)   Gull Billed Tern   (1)
  Caspian Tern  (2)   Olive sided Flycatcher  (6)   Orange-crowned Warbler  (5)
                          Lincoln Sparrow   (4)
Recorded for first time in 8 years:   Swainson's Warbler              
        Baird's Sandpiper              
        Orange-crowned Warbler              
  Total Species Seen                  
        Pennsylvania: 182                  
        New Jesrey 195                  
        Delmarva 210                  
  List with the highest warbler count:     25 sp. Delmarva   Group #1  
  List with second highest warbler count:   24 sp Delaware Co.   Group #4  
  List with highest waterfowl count:   19 sp. Delmarva   Group #1  
  List with second highest waterfowl count:   14 sp. Delaware Co.   Group #4  
  Man Hours: 1953   701     1952   987          
  Total Species: 1953   230     1952   239          
  Unprecedented Rarities:                        
        Orange-crowned Warbler  (Jacobs)              
    Swainson's Warbler  (Groups #1, 2 & 3)          
        Baird's Sandpiper  (Middleton)              
      Generally clear, light winds, temps. 56 - 86 degrees. Jersey reports early morning fog and thunderstorms after 4:30 along the Delaware Bay        
      No "so-called" waves either Saturday or Sunday. Almost all parties noted the run day to be the worst in history for warblers. Unofficial checks of those lists which show counts indicate that less than 1000-1500 warblers seen by all groups        
  Unusual Occurrences:                        
      Redhead, Rehoboth, DE (1); Glossy Ibis, Tinicum  (4) ;        Brant (10,000) Tuckerton (8); Ruffed Grouse, Pocomoke River (2) Royal Tern, Md & De parties; Ruby-throated Hummingbird on nest, Pocomoke River (1) & (2) ; Lincoln's Sparrow, Del. County (4); Pine Siskins (8) groups; Hooded Merganser, Penn Manor (6)        
  The "Sneakbird" Overheard:                    
      a. That a member of Group 8 claims the 1000 curlew seen at Tuckerton by Sehl et. al. were a part of their 10,000 Brant. Guess they both identified masses in the sky.        
      b. Quote Middleton:  "I am prepared to defend the observation of the spring Baird's Sandpiper with my life!"        
      c. That the Tinicum Glossy Ibis were "top secret" prior to this run.        
      d. That this year the field trip committee instituted a secret substantiation code for the round-up report        
      e. This question was asked by J. Armett deep in the Pocomoke. "Is Ruffed Grouse possible? " Just thought he'd flushed one. The experts said "NO". Cadbury competition found two an hour later in the same area to claim what he believed to be first Delmarva record.        
      H. Pennington                      
      J. McIlvain                      
      E. Finkle                      
      D. Cutler                      
      H. Cutler                      
      C. Wonderly                      

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