As of 5/20/16, the "traditional DVOC web pages" are longer being updated.

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Delaware Valley Ornithological Club
c/o Academy of Natural Sciences
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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Quick, Direct Addresses 
President - Phil Witmer
Vice President - George Armistead
Secretary - Linda Widdop
Treasurer - Bert Filemyr
Editor - Matt Halley
World Series of Birding

Phil Witmer - President
George Armistead - Vice President
Linda Widdop - Secretary
Bert Filemyr - Treasurer
Matt Halley - Editor

Members of Council
Tony Croasdale to January 2017
Gregg Gorton to January 2017
Patty Rehn to January 2018
Ann Reeves to January 2018
Holly Merker to January 2019
Jason Weckstein to January 2019
Phil Witmer- Past President

Chris Walters
Paul Guris
Hart Rufe

Committee Chairpersons
125th Anniversary - Anita Guris  
Archives - Jeff Holt  
Banquet - Brittany Stewart  
Bob Billings Award - Art McMorris  
Communications - Linda Widdop  
Constitution / By-Laws - Paul Guris  
Cassinia -  
Conservation - Ann Reeves  
DVOC List Serve - Bert Filemyr  
Field Trips - Tony Croasdale  
Interns Fund - Chris Walters  
Membership - Bonnie Witmer  
New Bins for New Birders (NB4NB)- Paul Guris  
Nominating - Art McMorris  
Webmaster - Bert Filemyr  
Ornithological Studies - Rob Bierregaard  
Julian K. Potter Award Selection - Rob Bierregaard  
Witmer Stone Award Selection -  
Witmer Stone Sanctuary - Mick Jeiter, Linda Rowan ,  
Youth Birding - Cindy Ahern