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Updated Friday, February 10, 2012

Historic Field Notes

Audubon and Haddonfield NJ 1890
by Samuel Nicholson Rhoads (courtesy of the Historical Society of Haddonfield)

Part 1 - Cover, Pages 1-3
Part 2 - Pages 4-7
Part 3 - Pages 8-11
Part 4 - Pages 12-15
Part 5 - Pages 16-17

Samuel Nicholson Rhoads was given a very large farm that he named "Cedarcroft" When he decided to move to Haddonfield he sold the farm. It was sold and divided up. He and his wife named the new development Audubon after James Audubon.
The orginal house at the Cedarcroft farm is still there. It is in Audubon NJ where Cedarcroft Avenue intersects with Mansion Ave. Click Here for a Google Map of the location.

The first page of this field notebook is inscribed "Observations made on Birds, etc. by S.N. Rhoads, on or near his farm, "Cedarcroft", 2 1/2 miles from Haddonfield, NJ in 1890" These historically important field notes were compiled between March 1, 1890 and November 9, 1890 by Samuel Nicholson Rhoads, one of the seven founders of the DVOC. These notes cover areas of Audubon and Haddonfield New Jersey. It is interesting to see that the notes are on specially printed field note record forms and these forms were being used within a month of the founding of the DVOC.


Radnor PA 1939
by Louis Torbert Parke (courtesy of the Crawford family)

Part 1 - Pages 1-3
Part 2 - Pages 4-7
Part 3 - Pages 8-11
Part 4 - Pages 12-14

These field notes were kept by Louis Torbert Parke (1885-1957) who lived much of his adult life in Radnor PA. Louis Parke was the uncle of club member Alan Crawford, Jr and the great-uncle of club member Alan Crawford III. These notes come from a note book covering 1935-1946.