2014 Summer Appeal
Click Here to find the description of the 2014 Conservation Project. This is the focus of our Summer Appeal. No gift is too small, but be as generous as you can. Don’t be shy; ask your friends and neighbors to contribute to this worthy cause — it’s tax deductible. There are links in the flyer to give you more information but don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions -

The Delaware Valley Ornithological Club (DVOC) is the organization for birders and bird enthusiasts in the Delaware Valley region.
All who have an interest in birds are invited to attend functions of the DVOC. Click Here for membership information.

Two More Outstanding Summer Informal Meetings!!!

August Informal Meeting
Saturday August 9th 7 am to 7 pm
Held at
Green Lane State Park, Green Lane, PA
Youth Birding Day

Meet scholarship award recipient James Haley Familetti, who will be presented with The Adam J. Sabatine Memorial Scholarship Award, by Mr. David Sabatine, Adam’s father.
Click Here for more information

September Informal Meeting
Thursday September 4th
4 pm
Held at the Philadelphia Zoo
Visit to the McNeil Avian Center of the Philadelphia Zoo
Picnic afterwards in the Park near the Zoo. Meet at Gate H of the Zoo at 4:00 PM for a special tour of the McNeil Avian Center. Admission is free. Afterwards we will picnic in the park. If you have a special place you like to picnic let Bonnie and Phil Witmer know. We’ll present the group with a couple of choices once we’ve had the tour. We'll do pot luck. Let Bonnie and Phil Witmer know what you will bring so we can coordinate: philip.witmer@verizon.net or 610.446.2618 (leave a message)

Full 2014 Meeting Schedule

From the July 9th Informal Meeting

Bert Filemyr's presentation on Cassinia History
Steve Kacir's presentiation on Writing for Cassinia




Next Field Trips:

Green Lane Reservoir and Unami Creek Valley Field Trips
For the DVOC Youth Birding Celebration & Informal Summer Meeting

: Andy Curtis, Joe Greco, Paul Guris, Joe Hudson, Steve Kacir and possibly Steve Grunwald and Bo Grunwald.
Field Trip Meeting Time and Place:
Meet at the Snyder Rd Pavilion of Green Lane Park at 7:00AM on 9 Aug 2014 for the morning field trips. From there, participants will caravan or carpool to the field trip locations chosen by the leaders. Afterwards, leaders and participants will return to the pavilion for lunch, proceeds from which will support the DVOC Youth Birding Scholarship and the DVOC Photography Contest.
Meet at the Snyder Rd Pavilion of Green Lane Park at 1:00PM on 9 Aug 2014 for an afternoon field trip led by Steve Kacir and possibly other leaders. Come earlier and grab lunch at the picnic pavilion – proceeds will support the DVOC Youth Birding Scholarship and the DVOC Photography Contest.
Steve Kacir, Joe Hudson and Joe Greco will lead a field trip section that meets at 7:00AM that will travel up past the Unami Creek Valley to Lake Skymount, also known as Maple Run Reservoir, with late summer ducks, dispersing terns and migrating shorebirds on the target list. From there, the field trip will move to Whites Mill Preserve where the leaders will look for herons in their post-breeding dispersal, ling
ering breeding passerines and early migrants. Afterwards, the field trip will explore Unami Creek for local passerines and early migrants. The final destination will be Knight Lake at Green Lane Park (aka Upper Perkiomen Park), which can be good for shorebirds, early waterfowl and other early migrants.
Paul Guris and Andy Curtis will lead a field trip section that meets at 7:00AM and focuses on Green Lane Reservoir hot spots. The exact itinerary will be determined by local conditions, but will likely feature such destinations as the Walt Rd area, the Church Road Bird Sanctuary, Knight Lake and Upper Perkiomen Park, Goschenhoppen Church Rd and other Green Lane destinations. Most of these spots can be world-class shorebird locations when the water levels fall and expose extensive mudflats, especially Church Road. However, all of these locations can attract early migrants and birds in the post-breeding dispersal phase of their annual movements, including shorebirds, terns, herons, raptors and passerines.
Steve Kacir and possibly some other leaders will lead a field trip section that meets at 1:00PM and will revisit some of the sites covered by Paul & Andy’s field trip section as well as some Montgomery County grassland sites. The specific itinerary will depend on local conditions, but will feature the Church Road Bird Sanctuary, Knight Lake, Walt Road or the Knight Rd overlook (depending on sun conditions), and the Palm grasslands which have been known to attract Dickcissel and Blue Grosbeak on occasion. If time allows, the trip may also hit the Hill Rd Day Use Area of Green Lane Park and the old Visitor Center Area – both are good spots for Pileated Woodpecker. The field trip will end at the Snyder Road Pavilion at 2:50PM, just in time for the Scholarship Award
Ceremony that starts at 3:00PM.

Annual Field Trip to local Chimney Swift Roost Mid August date, This year’s location to be determined, depending on where the birds are. Check the Wyncote Facebook page and Web Page for updates or contact: Jane Henderson 215-836-1965 or jane_henderson@comcast.net for location and the exact date.
This is a joint DVOC / Wyncote Audubon Society field trip and is free to members and non-members
Leader: Jane Henderson

August/September (Date to be announced) – STONE HARBOR POINT, NUMMY'S ISLAND, NJ
We will meet at 7:30AM in the parking lot of the McDonald's at the intersection of Rt. 147 and New York Ave. in north Wildwood. That's also a good restroom spot!
We will take our time and hit various locations north up to maybe the Wetlands Institute as we follow the tide coming in. Low tide is 7:00AM in the region - high tide is around 12:30PM. Water levels can vary depending on moon phase and wind direction.
This trip will concentrate on finding any rarities reported in the region and also try and track down all the expected shorebirds for late August. Please see the trip reports from years' past to get an idea.
We will end at 12:30 at the latest. I need to head home then for work, but feel free to stay and walk to the tip of Stone Harbor Point. It's a long hard walk over sand, but can be very rewarding for the concentrations of terns and shorebirds at high tide.
Bad weather cancels the trip - I have no weather date planned.
This DVOC trip is free to members and non-members.
Trip Leader: Sandra Keller (856)287-2732.




Full 2014 Field Trip Schedule














(7/3/14) Mac Gallagher Personal Page (new member)
(7/3/14) Dorothy Downie Personal Page (new member)
(7/2/14) 2014 Mid-Winter Census Report
(6/19/14) Lakehurst Field Trip Report
(5/21/14) Minutes of the May 1, 2014 Meeting
(5/21/14) Minutes of the March 6, 2014 Meeting
(5/21/14) Minutes of the March 20, 2014 Meeting
(5/21/14) Minutes of the May 15, 2014 Meeting
(5/19/14) Brandywine SP Field Trip Report
(5/14/14) Minutes of the April 3, 2014 Meeting
(5/14/14) Minutes of the April 25, 2014 Meeting
(5/14/14) Gloucester County Field Trip Report
(4/19/14) Matthew Halley Personal Page (new member)
(4/10/14) Sophie Vining Personal Page (new member)
(4/2/14) Jennifer Cross Personal Page (new member)
(4/2/14) Kim Sheridan Personal Page (new member)
(3/7/14) Rick Wright Personal Page (new member)
(3/7/14) Lee Graves Personal Page (new member)
(3/5/14) Minutes of the February 20, 2014 Meeting
(3/3/14) Minutes of the February 6, 2014 Meeting
(2/27/14) Indian River Inlet Field Trip Report
(2/23/14) North Shore Field Trip Report
(2/16/14) Howard Sweetman Personal Page (new member)
(2/10/14) Colleen McCubbin Stepanic Personal Page (new member)
(2/9/14) Bombay Hook Christmas Count Results
(2/3/14) Montauk Field Trip Report



From the DVOC Constitution/By-Laws:
•The mission of this club is the advancement and diffusion of ornithological knowledge.
•The members of this club shall be persons who are interested in ornithology considered in its widest sense

Each year the DVOC raises money for our Conservation Fund. Most of the funds are raised as part of the DVOC's participation in NJ Audubon's World Series of Birding but other donations are certainly accepted. All funds collected in a calendar year are distributed to one or more organizations recommended by the Conservation Committee and approved by Council. For further information on donating -

You can quickly and easily make a donation using PayPal. Click the "Donate" button below to do this. If you have a Paypal Account please log in. If you do not, use the "Don't have a PayPal account?" section in the lower left hand corner of the page that appears after you click the "Donate" button below.

The DVOC is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Contributions to DVOC are tax-deductible.


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