Celebrating 125 years! 1890 - 2015
The Delaware Valley Ornithological Club (DVOC) is the organization for birders and bird enthusiasts in the Delaware Valley region.
All who have an interest in birds are invited to attend functions of the DVOC. Click Here for membership information.

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August 22, 2015

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A fun and very social way to help us make the 125th celebration year special. Together with the American Birding Association (ABA.org), we are holding a "Night Under The Stars Event", Saturday, August 22, 2015 at the offices of ABA located at: 93 Clinton Street, Delaware City, DE 19706.
The evening will have great LIVE MUSIC, delicious food and beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and great items for up for auction. Many gift baskets will be auctioned by random purchased ticket drawing, and silent auction items will be abundant! Winning bid items over $100 can be paid by credit card.

October 10, 2015
125th Anniversary Gala
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Next Meeting:
Informal Summer Meeting
Saturday August 8, 2015
Bombay Hook NWR
Activities from 7:30 am until after dark
Held at Bombay Hook NWR, DE

7:30AM-11:30AM Morning Field Trip at Bombay Hook NWR - Meet at the Visitor Center. At 7:30AM SHARP we will head out into the refuge to look for breeding species such as Least Bittern as well as early migrants such as Western Sandpiper. Plan to arrive at the Visitor Center around 7:20AM, so we can organize vehicles as necessary before heading into the refuge. Trip Leader: Steve Kacir

1:00PM-2:30PM (or later): Lunch at La Quetzalteca: DVOC Vice President invites attendees to join him for lunch at one of Smyrna's finest spots for Mexican food: La Quetzalteca. We'll enjoy a leisurely repast while beating the heat in the restaurant's air conditioning. If you plan to attend the lunch, please contact Steve Kacir by July 31, so Steve can set up a reservation with the restaurant.

La Quetzalteca Mexican Restaurant
103 N Dupont Blvd
Smyrna, DE 19977

More information about La Quetzalteca can be found online: http://www.laquetzalteca.com/

4:00-7:00PM: DVOC Informal Meeting at the Bombay Hook NWR visitor center featuring Dan Small and his program Dan Small - "Native Grassland Restoration and Bird Studies at the Chester River Field Research Station"

Review of the 15 year effort to restore, monitor and manage a warm season grassland on the upper Eastern shore. Highlight our research, monitoring and banding efforts involving breeding grassland birds including Grasshopper Sparrows, Dickcissels, Northern Bobwhite and most recently Field Sparrows.

Dan Small is a field ecologist for the Center of Environment and Society at Washington College located on the eastern shore of Maryland. The land-based research arm of CES, the Chester River Field Research Station conducts research on breeding bird response to a long term grassland restoration project and also operates a migration banding station, Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory. During the summer months, he can be found out in the native warm season grassland leading undergraduate interns through the fields studying all aspects of Grasshopper Sparrow and Dickcissel breeding ecology as part of a long-term demographic study. Prior to settling in Maryland he traveled widely from Alaska to Tobago living the life of an itinerant field biologist enjoying the different parts of the world and of course birding as much as possible. He is a NABC certified trainer and has been banding and birding for around 15 years.

The post meeting field trip has been cancelled.



Full 2015 Meeting Schedule


Next Field Trip:

August 1 (Saturday) Summer Bombay Hook NWR
Meet at the Refuge headquarters at 9AM. We'll spend the time looking for shorebirds and other migrants starting their way south. Bring lunch and scopes and lots of bug juice. This DVOC trip is a joint field trip with Wyncote Audubon and is free to members and non-members.
Contact leader Lynn Jackson for details

New in 2015 - BirdPhilly
BirdPhilly is a series of birding walks and events in Philadelphia parks for the 2015 calendar year. For further information go to the BirdPhilly website.

See also the Philly Bird Race website


Full 2015 Field Trip Schedule
















From the DVOC Constitution/By-Laws:
•The mission of this club is the advancement and diffusion of ornithological knowledge.
•The members of this club shall be persons who are interested in ornithology considered in its widest sense

Each year the DVOC raises money for our Conservation Fund. Most of the funds are raised as part of the DVOC's participation in NJ Audubon's World Series of Birding but other donations are certainly accepted. All funds collected in a calendar year are distributed to one or more organizations recommended by the Conservation Committee and approved by Council. For further information on donating -

You can quickly and easily make a donation using PayPal. Click the "Donate" button below to do this. If you have a Paypal Account please log in. If you do not, use the "Don't have a PayPal account?" section in the lower left hand corner of the page that appears after you click the "Donate" button below.

The DVOC is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Contributions to DVOC are tax-deductible.


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