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The Delaware Valley Ornithological Club (DVOC) is the organization for birders and bird enthusiasts in the Delaware Valley region.
All who have an interest in birds are invited to attend functions of the DVOC. Click Here for membership information.

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Saturday June 20 - DVOC Picnic
RSVP Deadline for the picnic is Sunday May 31.

Saturday August 22 - DVOC Silent Auction
Saturday October 10 - 125th Anniversary Gala

From the 5/21 Meeting
Click Here for information on the auction of a special copy of Stone's Bird Studies at Old Cape May.
Click Here for information on Scott McConnell's book on Witmer Stone.

Next Meeting:
Please note that this meeting is being held on a special day at a special place!

Saturday June 6, 2015 - 9 am

Held at:
Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association
31 Titus Mill Road
Pennington NJ 08534

Rachel McGovern - "Surveying our Streams: A Workshop in Biological Stream Monitoring"

Learn the methods of biological stream monitoring from this intensive workshop. This experience will train you to identify benthic macroinvertebrates and teach you what their presence says about the quality of our water. This workshop will not only walk you through monitoring methods but will bring you out into the stream to practice collection techniques and macroinvertebrate identification. Biological sampling is used by environmental organizations and government agencies as a reliable indicator of pollution levels. With the information received through these methods the proper steps can be taken to keep water clean and promote healthy habitats.

Rachel McGovern graduated in 2014 from Rutgers University with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior. In her time at Rutgers she focused her studies on New Jersey’s water quality and interned with North Jersey Resource Conservation and Development and the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association to study green infrastructure and stormwater management. Currently, Rachel serves as the Americorps Watershed Ambassador for the Millstone Watershed. As an Ambassador she monitors streams, trains others in water monitoring protocol and travels the area teaching students and community groups about Watershed issues while organizing projects to promote stewardship in nearby communities.







Next Field Trips:

Mount Moriah Cemetery located along Cobbs Creek in Southwest Philadelphia has a unique mosaic of habitats. This brushy secondary growth is perfect habitat for mourning warblers that migrate in late spring.
This DVOC/Philadelphia Parks and Recreation trip is free to members and non-members.
Meeting location: 62nd Street and Kingsessing Avenue. 19143.
Meeting Time: 7:00 am
Contact: Tony Croasdale

A walk for the later risers will meet at Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Education Center parking lot. We should still find some late migrants like blackpoll warbler and observe breeding birds in full song such as wood thrush and Baltimore oriole.
This DVOC/Philadelphia Parks and Recreation trip is free to members and non-members.
700 Cobbs Creek Parkway. 19153
Meeting Time 9:30 am
Contact: Tony Croasdale

We will meet at Houston Playground (900 Grakyn Lane ) to look for bluebirds, brown thrasher and nesting raptors like Cooper’s hawk. This will be a joint walk with the Philadelphia Botanical Club to also learn about the beautiful wildflowers of the meadow.
This DVOC trip is free to members and non-members.
Meeting Location: Houston Playground 900 Grakyn Lane. 19128
Meeting Time: 8:00 am
Contact: Tony Croasdale

The sign up date has passed.
Important: Participants MUST sign up by Tuesday May 22. Please provide Bob Horton with your full name, drivers license number and state, and date of birth. To grant access to the base, the military needs this information two full weeks before the trip
The grasslands here are the best annual site in NJ for seeing the breeding displays of Upland Sandpipers. We also expect Grasshopper, Field Sparrows, Horned Lark, Eastern Meadowlark and in the pine forests Pine Warbler. Each participant must be a US CITIZEN and will need a valid driver’s license or picture ID. Our stay in the Jump Zone grasslands will be 3 hours.
You must register with Bob Horton for this trip in advance. This trip is limited to 20 people.
This DVOC trip is free to members and non-members
Meeting time: 7AM at the Chapel of the Air parking lot in Lakehurst
Directions: Take Rte 70 to the center of Lakehurst. At the McDonald’s & gas station, turn onto Rte 547. In about a ¼ mile, on the left there is a gray chapel named the Chapel of the Air. We will car pool from this parking area under the supervision of John Joyce, the base Conservation Officer. Each car entering the base will need a registration card and proof of insurance.

New in 2015 - BirdPhilly
BirdPhilly is a series of birding walks and events in Philadelphia parks for the 2015 calendar year. For further information go to the BirdPhilly website.

See also the Philly Bird Race website



Full 2015 Field Trip Schedule















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(4/3/15) 2014 Billings Award Winner
(4/3/15) Minutes of the March 19th Meeting
(4/3/15) Minutes of the February 19th Meeting
(3/15/15) Salem County Field Trip Report
(2/28/15) Constitution and By-Laws
(2/28/15) Carolyn Friedman Personal Page (new member)
(2/23/15) 75th Bombay Hook Christmas Count Summary
(2/23/15) 75th Bombay Hook Christmas Count Species List



From the DVOC Constitution/By-Laws:
•The mission of this club is the advancement and diffusion of ornithological knowledge.
•The members of this club shall be persons who are interested in ornithology considered in its widest sense

Each year the DVOC raises money for our Conservation Fund. Most of the funds are raised as part of the DVOC's participation in NJ Audubon's World Series of Birding but other donations are certainly accepted. All funds collected in a calendar year are distributed to one or more organizations recommended by the Conservation Committee and approved by Council. For further information on donating -

You can quickly and easily make a donation using PayPal. Click the "Donate" button below to do this. If you have a Paypal Account please log in. If you do not, use the "Don't have a PayPal account?" section in the lower left hand corner of the page that appears after you click the "Donate" button below.

The DVOC is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Contributions to DVOC are tax-deductible.


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